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Game stability.

As long time Everybody Edits players will know, the stability of the Everybody Edits backend stability has been decreasing as the game has grown. Thus the past week my work has been on fixing bugs / optimizing the backend of the game. I am proud to announce that I released the result of this work yesterday and the game has been running flawless ever since!

The only downside to this work is that the new features I had planned for this week has been pushed into next week. The upside is that we now have a much more stable game to build on.

The boring technical details.

Everybody edits was originally written as a quick test. The first version of the game was prototyped in a single day and naturally this shines trough in the code. The bad code was not an issue back when the game was a small 500 people online thing. But as the game grew small things like reprocessing the entire level every time a user joined, or using a naive data structure for storing user data resulted in the performance of the game dropping so much that it was kicking players off.

What is live now is a much optimized version of the game where the worst offending errors has been fixed.

In the future there will still be crash bugs, performance issues and so on, but every day there goes by there will be fewer.


I feel that I owe the Everybody Edits community a big thanks. Thanks for not abounding the game because it’s unstable and thanks for being understanding when I randomly update the servers to get a quick fix live!

You guys are awesome!

Chris Benjaminsen

Let’s talk.

I have been encouraged by a few more tech savvy  users and a few of the moderators to write more than just post bullet point lists of updates. Thus, this is the first post where I aim to do just that.

If you are a beta member, you will know that a lot of new things have happened lately, coin doors, new smilies, new brick packages, the introduction of magic coins, etc etc. There is however a lot more going on than what is obvious.

These days I work on the game pretty much every day and more often than not I am also making small releases without writing about it or changing the version number. The releases typically just fixes small bugs or changes variables to balance the game, it does however happen that people notice, so in the future I will try to write every time something happens.

So what am I working on right now that is not on the short term todo list?

  • Improving the experience for new users by changing the way login works.
  • Improvements to the basic protocol to lower the amount of random kicks that happens.
  • Improvements to the internal structure of the game to allow for icy, bouncy etc bricks.
  • Redesign lobby / Shop

A lot of people have also asked that I start announcing when new features will be released. I have mixed minds about this, as from one point I understand why all of you would like to know what’s next. On the other hand I do not like to lock myself into a development roadmap. Everybody Edits is still a hobby project and locking down a release plan would make it feel to much like a Job.

I know a lot of people have been hoping that signs would be released this week. This was also the initial plan Monday, sadly a few more bugs than expected got in the way.

Was that better?

Back to beta – Factory Package

Beta is now live, in this update:

  • The shop now shows how many coin-doors you have correctly.
  • Coin-doors have been bumped from 5 to 10 per purchase.
  • Keys are now twice as precise (Still not perfect but better)
  • Did something with the magic.
  • It is now impossible to get Magic in a coin farm.

Hints on Magic

So Magic has been live for about an hour or so. A lot of people have already found it, but there is a few questions I would like to answer officially without giving away the whole thing.

Q: Who can get Magic?
A: All registered users can get magic, you do not have to be beta or have a specific smiley.

Q: Can you get magic more than once?
A: Yep, you can get it an infinite amount of times.

Q: In what worlds can you get the magic?
A: You can get magic in any world.

Q:  If I pick up a lot of coins will I get magic faster?
A: No the system is clever than that.

Q: How often can you get magic?
A: Several times a day

Q: Will there be more magic things?
A: Yep!


Back to beta – Coy smiley and a little bit of magic.

Beta is now live.

In this update I added the :3 smiley and a little bit of magic. The magic is secret so it’s going to be fun to see who will be the first to find it!


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