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Second space themed pack is online. This time, we go to Mars!

We used a different artist for the graphics this week, and I am very pleased with the result.

This week has mainly been used on maintenance and the update for next week, so not so many other updates for now.

One thing we tried with this pack, is define the minimap colors explicitly. This means that minimap colors for the Mars surface bricks are the same color, only brighter/darker. Hopefully, this will make them more usable to the people making minimap art.

Oh! And since I wrote my email in last weeks post, I have received a lot of questions and bugs. Usually, Chris will deal with these. But as I was answering them, I came up with my new catchphrase, which  I think is very clever.

So, till next week:

“See you in the worlds!”




Today we launched the first pack of the new theme: Space. The pack is a tribute to the space dog Laika, the first living creature in space.

There is a great article about Laika and the launch on Wikipedia. Spoiler: I does not have a happy ending.

The graphic for the pack looks like this:

It is meant for rockets and spaceships, although more science fiction than realistic ones. Inspired by Star Wars or Star Trek…and Aliens. Looking forward to the creations the players will make :)

Apart from the new pack and theme, we have used the past week on bugs and maintenance.


  • New loading image (a bit brighter than usual)
  • Sharing open worlds are working again.
  • Fixed bug where things in the shop was not marked as bought. If anyone has accidently bought the same thing twice, please contact me at:
  • Added a small “busy”-animation when adding energy or usiung gems.
  • When a user gets banned, his worlds are banned as well.
  • You can not get caught in a coingate anymore. (This fix introduced another bug, also known from other gates, which will be fixed later)
  • Some decorations had colors. These have been removed.
  • In the properties  of the piano bricks  in the construction bar, the offset of some of the dots were displaced. It has corrected.
  • Selecting a sound from the drums or piano properties no longer plays a sound if the game is muted.

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