Deep Jungle

This week we venture further into the jungle!

Nice jungle-backgrounds and decorations to set the mood. Oh, and also vines, which can be climbed (like ladders).

Deep jungle ruin

Exploring some deep jungle ruins


Also in this update:

  • We added titles to the Magic Classes. So If you are Magic Class 1, your title is Amatuer. If you are Magic Class 12, you are a Grandmaster :-)
  • Open worlds are added again (look for “open” on the world sorting menu).
  • “Login with Facebook” have been removed. This is due to new facebook terms (
    Games on and mobile must not share the same app ID with desktop web games off of You must not use Canvas apps to promote or link to game sites off of Facebook, and must not use emails obtained from us to promote or link to desktop web games off of (effective December 5, 2012).
    Users who used to play on with their facebook account now have to play it on facebook.
  • Minor fix: Open worlds now recieve woots correctly.
  • Minor fix: Magic bar in profiles now fill up properly.
  • Minor fix: Chat textfield no longer overlaps with player names.
  • Minor fix: No longer possible to add woots both from bottombar and world complete screen.

See you in the worlds!


Jungle Theme

It has been some time since the last theme, but we are glad to present:


This week, we have ancient jungle ruins, and a headhunter smiley. This is how it looks ingame:

MrShoes Jungle Ruins

I have seen a lot of labyrinths in EE, and I think this package fits very well with that.


Also in this update:

  • New world-list. Search and refresh have been moved to the top to make it look better and give more space to worlds.
  • “MyWorlds” filter option now only shows your worlds (and a “buy more worlds here” button)


See you in the worlds!




Oh, extended sale

We have decided to extend the sale a while longer! So go nuts in the shop.

Uh, extended sale! What a surprise!


  • Woots now decay faster. This should make worlds move up and down the world list faster.
  • The last sorting method you used is the remembered and used again when you return.
  • “Shuffle” is not locked, so you can press it more times to shuffle again.

See you in the worlds!







Black Friday, and more energy!

Like last year, it is time for Black Friday!

This means that everything is half price in the shop.

Only want to spend energy? Well then, just collect more Magic. Higher classes now have more Max Energy!

NOTE! A class gives you more max energy, so class 2 users has 205 max energy. But if you are an old user with more max energy than this, you will have the highest amount.



You can now sort the open worlds as you like! Want the most wooted, most played, or the one with most players in it?

Happy magic and shopping. See you in the worlds!



Magic Coins, Magic Class and Woots!

Finally, after testing the woot system, it is now released to everybody!

Only thing is, we renamed it ;-)

So, welcome to a world full of finding magic coins,  gaining new magic class!

Magic Coins

Magic Coins can be found in all worlds in Everybody Edits! Each time you collect a coin, there is a chance it is a magic coin!

When you find one, the coin will go to you magic coin collection, and the magic will also fill up your Magic bar!

The magic bar is in the top right corner of the screen:

Magic Bar

However, the magic is unstable, and after a while it fades. The small clock shows when the next magic is going to fade.

Magic Class

A Magic Class Badge

The current amount of magic you have decides Magic Class. The more magic you have, the higher Magic Class. Each Magic Class has a badge. The higher the Magic Class, the cooler the badge :-)

But if you do not keep collecting Magic Coins, your magic will wither, and you will go down a Magic Class.

Shopping with your Magic Class

You need a minimum of Magic Class 3 to buy this potion

Your Magic Class allow you to buy certain items!

For example, in order to buy the Potion of Green Aura, you need to be at least Magic Class 3. You can always use the potions you buy, even if your magic withers and you have a lower Magic Class than you need to buy the potion.


The animation when you give a woot away!

Besides collecting magic, the other new thing is the woot system, which has not changed since last week :-)

Every day you log in, you get 5 free woots you can give away. These woots are showed as a star with a bow on them in the buttom ingame bar. When you are in a world you like, you can give it a woot.  Worlds with many woots are displayed in the top of the list in the lobby.

Butwoots are still a fleeting substance, and they wither away just like magic. So the world will loose its woots over a couple of days. That means, that the worlds which are on top of this list today, might not be tomorrow.


Enjoy hunting Magic Coins and gaining Magic Class! We are relly looking forward to seeing you in the worlds :-)


woot in the world!?!

(Beta release: 14th of November, Public release: 21st of November)

Introducing woots, a major update in Everybody Edits!  We have really been looking forward to releasing this update, which we have been working on for some time now, and we are proud to present, WOOTS!


Everybody now have a levels, and you can level up! When you start, you are level 1, but if you work hard, you can go all the way to level 12. Whenever you pick up a coin in a world, there is a change that the coin is hiding a woot! If it does, a woot-star will jump from it. It will then be added to your current woots.

But beware! The woots are a fleeting substance, and the burn up over time. The higher level you are, the faster they burn.  This means you will loose your level if you are inactive for too long!

The ingame woot bar.

In this picture of the ingame woot bar,  9 is the current amount of woots you have, 12 the amount you need to level up. The small clock to the left is a clock shows when the next woot will burn away. When it does, you will have one less current woot.

When the bar is full, you level up!

Level Up!

The badge in the middle indicated which level you are, and there is a new one for each level.

We do also keep track of the total amount of woots you have found, and write it in your profile. Just so you can show off ;-)


The animation when you give a woot away!

But players are not the only thing that can have woots. Worlds can too!

Every day you log in, you get 5 free woots you can give away. These woots are showed with a bow on them in the buttom ingame bar. When you are in a world you like, you can give it a woot.  Worlds with many woots are displayed in the top of the list in the lobby.

But remember! The woots are still a fleeting substance, and they burn away. So the world will loose it woots over a couple of days. That means, that the worlds which are on top of this list today, might not be tomorrow.


As for now, this is still beta. If you are a beta-user, please test it and report any errors to me (

If you are a normal user, sit tight! Since this update changes the game quite a lot, we want it public to everyone, which means it will be released for everybody next wednesday, the 21st of November.


We are really looking forward to seeing you all looking for woots and praising the levels you like with woots. We hope this update will bring more joy to the players of Everybody Edits, and a goal when playing. But also a new way of looking at worlds, not just how many have played them.

But there is still a lot of things we want to do with woots and levels. This is only the beginning :-)

See you in the worlds!



So it seems there was some general confusion regarding the UI, so we have tried to make it a bit simpler. This include:

  • Removed decimals on current woots.
  • Added a small ingame clock to show when the next woot will burn away.
  • Made the text on the wootbar easier to read.
  • Made a number on the woot-button, showing the amount of woots you can give away.
  • Removed woots you can give away from the topbar in the lobby.
  • Changed the header on the ingame woots found bar.
  • Added hover labels to woots (in the main profile)
  • Added hover labels to wootbar and woot giveaway.

We hope this makes it a bit simpler. Otherwise, please try to explain what is not easy to understand :-)

Other bugs fixed:

  • Text in “You do not have any potions” corrected (again)
  • Worlds in main-profile world tab are loading again.
  • “Woots found today” bar inconsistency fixed.
  • Full worlds were sorted on top.

Also, a lot of people have asked me what the purpose of this update is. Why levels, why woots? I will write a new blog post on why we have made this update, and what the plans for the future are. But not until next week, when more people have had a chance to try out the woots as they are now.

Oh, and also! Thanks to all the people who have contributed with good ideas, bugs or a different perspective, both here on the blog or via mail. Thanks!

See you in the worlds!


Everybody potions!

We have finished testing potions, and now they are ready to release to all!

Besides this, we have a cool classic package with checkered blocks. The match nicely with the old ones, only a bit brighter (minimap color as well). A nice multipurpose block!

A small minigame world by mrshoe

I hope that we will see more worlds using potions as part of the puzzles now that potions are available to all.

Apart from this, we have also fixed a few bugs:

  • Boost arrows had gravity in them (so you could fall if a vertical boost arrow was pointing into a wall)
  • the New year pack image in the shop did not show the smiley included in it.
  • Potions you don’t have do not show up in the potion-selector.
  • Added an empty potion to the potionselector so you can deselect potions.
  • It was possible to get stuck in purple doors/gates.