Today we launched the first pack of the new theme: Space. The pack is a tribute to the space dog Laika, the first living creature in space.

There is a great article about Laika and the launch on Wikipedia. Spoiler: I does not have a happy ending.

The graphic for the pack looks like this:

It is meant for rockets and spaceships, although more science fiction than realistic ones. Inspired by Star Wars or Star Trek…and Aliens. Looking forward to the creations the players will make :)

Apart from the new pack and theme, we have used the past week on bugs and maintenance.


  • New loading image (a bit brighter than usual)
  • Sharing open worlds are working again.
  • Fixed bug where things in the shop was not marked as bought. If anyone has accidently bought the same thing twice, please contact me at:
  • Added a small “busy”-animation when adding energy or usiung gems.
  • When a user gets banned, his worlds are banned as well.
  • You can not get caught in a coingate anymore. (This fix introduced another bug, also known from other gates, which will be fixed later)
  • Some decorations had colors. These have been removed.
  • In the properties  of the piano bricks  in the construction bar, the offset of some of the dots were displaced. It has corrected.
  • Selecting a sound from the drums or piano properties no longer plays a sound if the game is muted.

Update delayed

Unfortunatly, todays update has been delayed.

It will be uploaded as fast as possible Friday.

As a teaser for the next pack and theme, here is an image:

Between themes

Today we released a Pipe Pack with orange pipes, a LOL smiley and coin gates.  These updates are not part of the new theme, which will start next Thursday.

The reason for this stand-alone update is that the shop needed some cheap items everyone can afford. Especially new users, who are just learning the game.

Besides this, I really missed being able to laugh in Everybody Edits :-)

A new feature, which will be in use next week, is a warning before updating. Sometimes people loose a lot of work because the game is updated, but with this warning, users will have time to save their world. The warning will appear in the chatbox every 30 seconds, starting a couple of minutes beforeEverybody Edits is updated.

A few other updates:

  • Classic items showed an energy bar. It is now removed.

Good old smithy

This week we finish up the medieval theme with a blacksmith, the heart of any medieval cliche ;-)


Another new feature is the mini-energyshop, which is located in the “My Profile” section on the mainpage. It is similar to the new shop, except it only holds the items which you have invested energy in.

The purpose of the mine-energyshop is to make it easier to add energy to new items, and also to make new users aware of the shop. For this reason, a few of the cheaper items will be “featured” in the mini-energyshop. Currently it is the Minerals block pack, and the Surprise smiley.

Mini Energyshop

A few other updates:

  • Portal “special properties” settings now always visible in the construction bar
  • It is now possible to get caught inside a timedoor (before it was possible to mess up the timedoor timing)
  • Items in the shop is sorted on price (as they used to be)
  • Mousewheel scrollspeed adjusted to make it faster to scroll worlds and shopitems
  • New topbar layout, including logout button. Shop is now the first thing in the topbar, to make it more visible.
  • Font size in tabs. Font is now same size in the “myprofile” tabs, the world filter list and the shop tabs.

Thursday Release (on a Friday) – Castle pack and new shop

The second update for the medieval theme is a castle pack. Besides stone walls and backgrounds, it also includes climbable chains (which works like the ladders from the ninja pack).

Man the walls!

Besides the weekly update, the shop has also been updated.

It has become a bit fancier with animations and glows. The purpose of the new shop is to make it a nicer experience to use it, and to get a better idea of whats included in a pack. To do this, we now use more images and less text.

Also, we are going to put items on sale. Often, the old graphic will match the new packs, as is the case with the Templar smiley this week. We hope you like it!

By the way, all graphic for the shop is made in the All Shop world here:



We have had some issues that people found it “fishy” to be paying 1 cent for something. Also PayPal has sometimes contacted us suspecting fraud. So from now on, to enable chat you have to pay 3 dollars, but will be given 50 gems (which would normally cost 5 dollars).  We hope this new deal works out better for everyone.


A few other updates:

  • The Snowman and Reindeer smilies are now available in the classic section

Thursday Release – First medieval pack

After 3 weeks of industriel theme, it is time to get back to the roots with the first of three mideval packages.

I hope at least some of you got the moty python reference. I really enjoy their take on medieval live, especially peasants!

Besides new graphic, we are working on improving the user interface, and we plan to have some updates for the shop next week. So for now, go find some good mud!

Mud everywhere

A few other updates:

  • The timed doors can be placed again when deleted.

ps. First post by me, aka MrShoe. yay!

The sky is the limit – Thursday Release

Hey Everyone!

Today we released the new cloud package. The package contains one solid brick and a few decorative items to give your clouds pretty borders. This package is mostly visual, but we are sure all you creative players will love it!

The sky is the limit, cloud package.

The sky is the limit, cloud package.

However most of the previous week where used implementing the new and improved guest experience. The hope is that giving new users a better experience will increase the chance of them registering and thus making the game better for everyone

The new and improved guest lobby.

The new and improved guest lobby.

Also in this update:

  • The gambit payment provider has been removed as it no longer worked.
  • Guests no longer count in amount of plays a world has



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