Christmas Ultimate Fans

Congratulations to todays new ultimate fans!

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Ba-dum tisch, Drum package is released!

We just released our second music package to our fellow beta members. Create some awesome beats with the brand new drum package!

We also threw in an extra goodie for everyone who have already bought the Piano pack, the creative Maestro smile, for those who are feeling extra creative!

Misc bug fixes and tweaks

Hey Editors

I just released a minor update with a few bug fixes and tweaks.


  • Profiles now show max energy
  • Profiles now show moderators as such
  • Those of your rooms that are currently open will now show at the top of the roomlist.
  • Your rooms will now be marked as such in the roomlist.
  • Names of your own rooms are no longer censored in the room list
  • Updated game such that the game does not use 100% while in the lobby.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that prevented guests for joining rooms directly
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in users having to reload before they where successfully awarded the grinch smiley.



It’s Christmas in Everybody Edits! – Loads of new presents!


We have just released a huge update filled with christmas themed goodies for you to enjoy! First on the list is the brand new Reindeer and Snowman smilies who are both very eager to celebrate with you! There’s also a bunch of colorful present boxes for you to stuff below your Christmas tree, one might wonder what they contain? Also available for purchase is the Christmas decoration pack which includes three different glass orbs for your tree, a christmas wreath as well as a beautiful shining star!

Merry Christmas!

The biggest surprise of this update is of course the hotly anticipated Note blocks that allow you to create your own music in the game! You can place them wherever you like on the world, create a piano for users to play with or construct gravity-based systems that let’s the users create their own automatic melodies. We can’t wait to see what you can come up with!

Become the next EE Mozart!

The winners of the Halloween competition 2011!

After long last, we have finally announced the winners of the third Everybody Edits contest! The results can be found in this forum topic:

Where did the shadows go?

Apparently somewhere in my over the top attempts to performance optimize the game I made an update that removed the brick shadows. I don’t have a clear idea when this happened but the good news is that they are back, making the game a lot more playable.

EE With no brick shadows

EE without brick shadows

EE with brick shadows

EE with brick shadows

Minor update to EE render engine

About an hour ago I released a small update to Everybody Edits which turns off rendering of decorations on the minimap. The reason is that it simply looks nicer when the background overwrites the items.


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