Forums…back to normal!

As most of you have already noticed, the old forum,, is back online.

There were some issues regarding spambots, which added data to the database faster than the server could handle. Like millions of posts.

Cyclone has cleaned the database and closed down forums which were not being moderated properly, which meant he could open up for the good ones again.

Which should now also be a fair amount faster as well!

So a big thanks to Cyclone for his hard work. I have changed the main link back to the old forum, and kept the old ones as “Yet another forum”

See you in the worlds!



So, a lot of people have contacted me after I put the link to on here.

Including Rurigok, who is setting up another forum here:

Raawr forum is still very new and are work in progress. Everybodyeditsforum is also quite new, and are battling some nasty spamming trolls.

We do not want to be the judge on which one you should use. So we link to both of them.

Also, please note, that these forums are run by fans. They are not official forums, and noone at Everybody Edits moderates, or even comments in these forums.

That being said, we really appreciate the effort of the people working on these projects. Thumbs up!

See you in the worlds!







Normal backgrounds, advanced potions!

This weeks update has a background pack with clean background colors. It matches the Checker pack, so you can make cool patterns!

Potion of Jump

Another cool new thing is a Jump potion, which makes you jump a bit higher. And it is only 25 energy :-)

As you can see in the picture, I can (hook) jump from one striped block to the other with the jump-potion enabled. The potion turns you a bit purple. However, it only lasts 30 seconds. To make this clear, we have put a potion-timer in the top left corner. This shows which potions are active right now.

Now that we have potions that can change physics, we also introduce a “Turn potions off” button. It i located in the “Modify Level” menu inside a world. It instantly turns off all current potions, and prevent players from using new ones.

But if you have an active potion in a world, and potions are turned off, you can still enter another world, and the potion will be active there.

The icon look like this:

In all existing worlds, potions are turned off by default. In all new worlds, potions are turned on by default.

In my worlds, potions are always allowed. I like people to have fun ;-)

Also, all potions will be released for everybody next week.

Concerning switches:

As far as I have seen, switches have not been very useful. A lot of people have suggested that they only work for the player who switches them, which I think is a good idea. So fromnow on, the switches only open/closes the doors/gates for you. Let me know if you found some use for the “global” switches, and we can consider reintroducing them later.


As many of you have noticed, the Fan Forum is down. As nobody knows when it will be available again, I recommmend another forum:

The “Fan Forum” link in the right hand side menu also links to this forum now.

Also in this update:

  • The last used smileys are now saved as it is supposed to. Including “standard” and “beta” smileys.
  • Switches are no longer visible in the editbar if you can’t use them.
  • Some users have had problems connecting to worlds. This should be fixed, but otherwise, please contact me.

Enjoy the jumping, and see you in the worlds!


PS. Yes, I do realize it is a bit weird with no Halloween theme ON Halloween, but the plan was made like this so the worlds containing Halloween stuff would be ready for Halloween. If we released Halloween content today, people would not have a chance to use it in their Halloween worlds.


I forgot to mention that when the “allow potion” is switched on/off, there is a 30 seconds delay before it can be changed again.

Also, press “u” to use a potion that you have chosen.

And hover over a potion to get a description of the potion.


Throw the third switch!

Last update for halloween is the halloween pack for 2012!  It contains all you need for a proper mad scientist lab :-)

I think the wires came out really well. They really add to the machine feel!

Also this week is a new action block, switches!

The behave a lot like regular doors and gates, but instead of returning to their original state after a while, they stay that state untilll someone switches them again.

There is not any limit to how often you can switch them, which might make them unusable if there are many players, but on the other hand, we did not want to limit them to much. Let us see how it goes :-)

Hope to see you in the worlds!


Ps. The image is a reference to “Young Frankenstein” ( A great comedy, which is made to look older than it actually is.



I have just updated a new version, fixing some bugs (potion related):

  • People was experiencing loosing all potions of one kind when using one of them.  It is now impossible to use a potion of you already have an active one of the same kind. Also, the graphic is updated, so it shows a empty potion   when not in use.

Super creepy fog!

The halloween theme continues this week with a trnasparent fog overlay.

It is really nice for adding some effect, like smoke or clouds. Or just a plain old misty bog.


The smiley is a skeleton, which just fits well in the whole halloween theme :-)


Last week we released potions. A big thank you to all of you who wrote me describing bugs. That was really helpfull. We are now in the process off cleaning those bugs up and preparing the next big release. I did find a bit of time to do some other stuff:

  • Non-chatters can now always chat with moderators.
  • Shop energy-loader is no longer strange and small.

Hope to see you in the worlds!





Today, we are introducing potions! We have really looked forward to this update. Potions are able to alter the abilities or appearance of the player who drinks it. The potions can be used from the menu in the buttom of the screen when you are in a world.

For now, we have added 3 potions that changes your color on the minimap, and the color of your god-aura.

The duration varies from 15-45 min, and works in the world you are currently in, but also all worlds you enter within the duration.

The potions can be bought in the shop uner “potions”. You can only buy 10 of each.

The plan is to indtruduce new potions in the weekly updates, just like with everything else. The content and effect of the potion will vary. Sometimes potions will affect the appearance, making you look cooler or funnier, and sometimes theycan make you jump higher, alter the gravity or run faster.

Creators of worlds will be able to turn potions off though.

Here is an ingame screenshot:

But as a wrote last week, this is a part of a larger update. So stay tuned! (in  couple of weeks).

If you are a Beta user, please report all bugs concerning potions to me at:

See you in the worlds!




I have just updated a new version, fixing some bugs (mostly potion related):

  • People wa experiencing Synchronization Errors when using boost arrows.
  • The Edit-tutorial was missing the editbar
  • After using a potion and entering another world, the players already in that world could not see the colored aura.
  • You could no longer drag blocks to favorites bar

Also, I have added a counter for potions in the shop (which also shows the maximum allowed).




“Human” Cannonball

I guess that technically, smileys are not human…but they can be cannonballs!

Today we released “Boost arrows”, which instantaneously boost the speed of the smiley. There seems to be a lot of uses for them, so once again, I am looking forward to seeing them in new worlds.

Here is a screen capture from the world i made with them:

This pack is the last “non-themed” update for a while. Next week we start up on a new theme.

Also, we hope to be ready to test part of a major update with the beta-users next week. But more on that next week :-)

Other Updates:

  • Worlds in profiles are loading again.
  • Smiley is saved when exiting a level (Not diamond or partysmilies though)
  • My email got added to the support  mail list on the blog :-)
  • Space world border is reset to black on “clear level”.

Happy boosting, and see you in the worlds!



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