Thursday Release – Introducing the second of four summer packages!

It’s still summer! We are once again celebrating this with a great new summer package.

Sand everywhere

Sand everywhere

A few other updates:

  • The game can now once again be played on ArmorGames at
  • The name of your worlds will now show in the lobby.
  • Energy awarded by magic have been turned off as the system where being abused.

Thursday release, introducing the first of 4 summer packages!

It’s summer! To celebrate we are releasing 4 summer themed packages this year.

Today we are happy to give you all the water package and scuba smiley.

The new Everybody Edits water package

The new Everybody Edits water package

Also in this update

  • The blue “mine” tag is back to show which worlds are yours.
  • Friends online users status now correctly reflect the name of the room when the name is changed.
  • Level complete text now correctly shows the room name after the room name have been changed.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes fails to show the image in the news section.

Thursday release – This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us!

We are very excited to announce this weeks update! Not only did we get the cowboy package live, we also got around to fixing a huge amount of bugs in the game.

Everybody Edits Cowboy package

Everybody Edits Cowboy package

Here is an extensive list of bugs fixed.

  • Rotating Portals working again
  • You can no longer collect crowns or see the endscreen in godmode.
  • Gods are not affected by ladders.
  • You keep the Silver crown as long as you stay in the room. If you have or get the Gold crown, that will be shown instead of the Silver crown untill you loose it.
  • Added transparent bg on Level Complete screen to make other items unclickable.
  • Centered share level
  • Level Complete brick only shows up on the edit tab in your worlds.
  • If a block is created where you stand, then deleted before you move, it will not show up on you screen.
  • Players online status world name is updated when a world changes name.
  • The tutorials are listed as locked rooms and can be searched for (if you want to replay them). They are still on top pf the list untill they are played, after always at the buttom.
  • On the edit tab, Level Complete is now grouped with spawn brick under “tools”.
  • Guest trying to chat is not stored in chat history.

Thursday release – Finish that level.

We used a lot of this week updating the flow for new players. Among other things we created three new tutorials and updated the login and register screen. But most important we introduced the completed brick.

When players touch this brick, they be told that they completed the level and awarded with a silver crown. This update should really help improve the experience when playing levels that have a definite end.

After half an hour of trying I managed to complete the gravity tutorial ;)

After half an hour of trying I managed to complete the gravity tutorial ;)

Thursday release -Ninjas! – for real this time!

The tile of my previous blog post should naturally have been Pirates and Vikings. However me being tired when I wrote the last blog post resulted in the title ending up as “Pirates vs Ninjas”. On the upside, todays package is a ninja package, making my last post slightly less confusing.

The new amazing ninja package

The new amazing ninja package

Most interesting in the new package is the stairs which you can climb to get to high places.

We also managed to fix a major crash bug that has been affecting the game for the past month. Thus the game should behave much nicer now, allowing you to play the same level for more than 24 hours.

Release Thursday – Pirate and Ninjas.

That last few weeks have been used mostly on bug fixes and internal updates to the game. We did however mange to release the Pirate package last Friday and the Viking package today!

Stay tuned for a much longer list of fixes and updates next Thursday!

- Chris

The amazing Pirate Package

The amazing Pirate Package


The viking package

The viking package

Release Thursday – Window package, Music Blocks and Bug Fixes

The Clever Everybody Edits player will by now have realized that we for the past months have had a new release every single Thursday. One of the goals of getting more people onboard was to have a steady release cycle and I am very happy to announce that so fare we have succeeded.


Todays release contains the whole new window brick. The bricks are above the player and semitransparent and should do well for houses etc.

The new window brick in action

Trapping NOU under some windows.

Blocks out of beta

We also got around to taking the Piano, Drum and Mineral blocks out of beta. Non beta players should be extra happy about this one.

Minor changes

Most of this week where used fixing bugs. Most noticeably we did a lot of bug fixing on the Friends system in preparation for releasing it to everyone. Below is the full list of minor changes.

  • Changed the Everybody Edits website to a minimalistic design.
  • Fixed bug where users playing as guest on Kongregate would get a popup.
  • When playing on the Everybody Edits website, the url will now change to reflect the current level
  • Diamond smiley will no longer persist between worlds.
  • Fixed bug where the room a friend where online in would not be shown
  • Fixed bug that would incorrectly kick you when switching levels fast
  • Fixed bug that allow players to crash the game by sending specially crafted chat messages
  • Fixed bug that would make the smiley blink when first joining a level
  • Added new and improved bad word filter
  • Updated art for checkered background to make it flicker less
  • Worlds in the profile will now be scaled if to wide for the view
  • Fixed bug where none chatting users could sometimes chat
  • Improved profile security

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