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The Everybody Edits friends system is finally here! To allow for this large change we created a whole new section on the Lobby screen where you can see info about you, your friends, worlds, and items.

The new profile top

The new profile top

To invite real friends, simply click the +Add button on the My Friends tab on the new lobby screen, and type in their emails.

Simply click the +Add button to invite friends

Simply click the +Add button to invite friends

When they accept, you will be able to see them, their online status, and in which world they are playing, directly on the friends chat.

Friends have green usernames under their smiley and in the user list.

Also, you and your friends can now chat in-game, even if none of you have full chat.

As we are still testing out the friends system, you have to be a beta memver to actually try it. And since the system is still in beta, we might occasionally clear all friends during testing.

Other changes and fixes:

  • The news section has been moved to an overlay that appears when a new version has been released.
  • The game will now remember which smiley you were using between games.
  • We fixed a bug where a single user could be online in multiple worlds at the same time.

These made my day.

Normally I don’t frequent the fan forum, but when I do, I always find great stuff. Todays amazing find goes out to jakery who produced the below gifs.

Easter 2012 Update

In this version.

Today we released the easter package which has 5 great easter eggs you can use for your easter themed levels!

Easter Package

New Everybody Edits easter package

We also went ahead and introduced the Carnival background package which takes the art style from the candy package a step further.

Everybody Edits Carnival Background Package

Everybody Edits Carnival Background Package

If you see Julian, say hi!

He is known as MRSHOE in the game and with his help we should finally be able to get into a regular release cycle!

Julian as MRSHOE

Julian as MRSHOE

Julian is the development power behind 99% of the new changes made to the game. Below is the list of all the great changes he has already made to the game.

  • System that allows you to view profiles in game rather than going to the website.
    • Hold shift to open on website directly!
  • Implemented the Sigh smiley
  • Implemented the SciFi Package
  • Implemented the Easter 2012 package
  • Implemented the Carnival background package
  • Implemented new profanity filter.
  • Rewrote the UI alignment code for better support of 3rd party websites such as Kongregate.
  • Fixed a few spelling errors here and there.
  • Fixed two bugs that would prevent you from entering into some worlds.

Wow, we are back!

Hey Everyone,

If you are a heavy player of Everybody Edits you will no doubt know that we have had a long period after Christmas where the amount of updates to the game have been close to zero, long story short the co-operation with Peter did sadly not work exactly as we wanted and thus I had to find another solution.

Today I am happy to announce that such a solution has now been found. I convinced a small Danish game development studio called Space Time Foam to help me out building the game and the last week one of their Developers Julian have been working full time adding items and fixing bugs.

We are still just starting up the relationship, but the plan is to have at least one person working full time on the game. Thus if you are an Everybody Edits fan, you have a lot of cool new stuff to look forward to!

Happy jumping,
Chris Benjaminsen

Massive New Year 2011 Discount

Christmas is over, this does however not mean that we are done giving gifts! The following items are now 50% off.

Brick packages which are 50% off
Canvas, Black Block, Candy, Factory, Glass & Secret

Smilies which are 50% off
Angel, Bully, Commando, Girl, Ninja, Nurse, Templar, Terminator & Worker

Happy new year!

Introducing quick chat.

I just added a new feature that gives everybody in the game access to a quick chat. Quick chat is small pre defined messages that should help people without chat communicate a bit.

Quick Chat

Quick Chat

You can access the quick chat by clicking the chat icon or simply hit alt+0-9

[EDIT] Woh, that was spammy! Quick chat now only appears as in game chat bubbles.

Christmas Ultimate Fans

Congratulations to todays new ultimate fans!

littleowl, mewco3590, iraka, victormatheus, kvi, uiu, lsjcrew, ventor, misak, woutie3000, disil, cooldragon, lmusc, scs726, gerardas, bot, 357a, maharx, manuska, sasa9, 333, xsjado13, bewaretheocean, stany, noobiex, funboy, monsterenergy, roland, rein, kuech, jaguarboy, everybodyeditsbeast, awesome2, detonater, evanakadragontamer, shugochara, coolperson23, verizonwiz, cursor24, fred1201, blackdawn, kyle97, superstar11179912, blacksky, nico1a5, mookes, sirhandle, 5akatsuki, billythebest, shadow204, shadow402, knife, bammetje, rkofest, jlion195, zaught, onestep, cooldude99999, 98765432123456789, bluekirby, redo, masterwk, masterofalltime, sam275, elitelego, jamydodger80, badbman22101, zero753, tikraswertas, benja12nr2, chamonmom, aoitenshi, mait, normaluser, nuclearwar, avenger, magfairy, xxsniper3, schuler, austingordon, smilyman103, tak4n, robandrich, yeti and razze01


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