Q&A Session

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of confusion. Most of it being my fault for not communicating clearly. I have therefore read trough the last few hundred comments and answered the most asked here.

Q: What is the difference between Beta and PRO?

A: The beta program at http://beta.everybodyedits.com is where I test out new features. During testing there is a very real chance that things won’t work as you expect. For instance while testing the chat I will have to temporarily split the backend such that people playing on beta.everybodyedits.com and people playing anywhere else won’t be able to see each other.

I do however realize that most of you would like to be able to play with your none Beta friends in this period. To allow for this use case, beta players signing into the game outside of beta.everybodyedits.com gets PRO access which allows them to use the Beta smilies / bricks outside of the actual Beta.

Q: Will everybody be able to use the Beta smilies / Bricks in the future?

A: No, the beta smilies and bricks will only ever be awarded to beta members. Beta members get those smilies and bricks as a reward for supporting the game!

Q: Will everybody be able to save levels in the future?

A: Yes, I am working on a system that will allow everybody to save their levels. But as most Beta members know there are still issues with the system. I basically do not want to release a system where you can’t clear your level or restore from last save point.

Q: Will everybody get chat?

A: Yep, but as with saved levels Beta members will have a chance to try it out first while I still polish the edges of the system.

Q:  What are EE Coins?

A: EE Coins was a really bad name on my part. A lot of users apparently confused them with the in game gold coins, something I can totally understand in retrospect. I have therefore just renamed EE Coins to Gems to ensure such confusion does not happen in the future.

Q: Why does Beta cost money?

A: Running Everybody Edits cost a fair amount of money. Luckily there is a lot of great users out there who are willing to support the game by buying Beta access.  As a reward they get extra Smilies, Bricks and gets to play with the new features before everybody else. I do not think this is unfair in any way.

Chat Video Preview

The chat is almost done! Here is some video proof:

If everything goes as planned Beta members will be able to chat tomorrow!

Changes to the interface to make room for chat

The user interface will be changed slightly to make room for the new chat button. The three level buttons will be a drop-up in the future.

Screenshot showing UI changes to make room for chat button.This also gives space to the Reset level and Load level features I want to add.

Beta and Pro Bug

Quick not to say that I found a bug that results in Beta smilies and bricks not working in all rooms. I am aware of this bug and is working on fixing it!

Beta is live – Earn Beta & PRO for free.

As most of you have already noticed I just released Beta

This is a minor release that introduces the first few background changes needed to get chat working.

Additionally this update also introduces SuperRewards as a payment method for Beta & PRO. SuperRewards allows you to earn EE Coins which in turn can be used to buy Beta & PRO. To get started simply goto beta.everybodyedits.com, login and click Earn EE Coins

This is how it looks in game:

Chat Preview

As most of you know, I am working on chat. Here is the first ever public screenshot…

Everybody Edits with chat

To ensure that the chat is not annoying while playing the game, chat bubbles & names will only be visible when:

  1. You are standing still.
  2. You have the chat input field visible (Clicking the chat bubbles in the UI or pressing enter)
  3. Your name where mentioned in a message

The visual style of the chat will change slightly as i port it to Flash, but the final result will be very close to the above screenshot.


So there has been a lot of speculations about the lag of recent updates in Everybody Edits. The truth is that I have been extremely busy. Sadly the result hereof has been that I did not have the time I wished to put into Everybody Edits development.

The good news is that I am back, on monday the 15 development on Everybody Edits will return to it’s old fast update cycle! Step one is chat, thus stay tuned!





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