Version of Free And Beta is Live

Finally, is now live!

Major Changes

  • Free and Beta can now again play together
  • The Energy shop is now live for everybody
  • The Free website has been updated to support the chat bar.
  • You can now get more saved worlds in the energy shop.
  • The game now support worlds of any size.

Minor Changes

  • Fixed bug where spawn points would act strange in small worlds.
  • Fixed bug where guests / none chatting members could see the chat.

Parental Control

Sometimes you have to make an unpopular decision…

This is one of those times. When we first introduced the Beta program Everybody Edits did not have a chat, and during this period a lot of people gave their children access to the beta program.

We’ve since added a chat, and while it is working very well, it’s not particularly child-friendly. Consquently, I have received a lot of emails from concerned parents wishing for the ability to turn off the chat for their child.

Since I consider it a great responsability that parents trusts their children to be safe in Everybody Edits, I’ve decided to add a simple Parental Control system to the game.

However, since most parental control systems are easily circumvented by a 10 year old in 5 minutes or less I have decided to implement it a bit differently in Everybody Edits.

In the very near future the game will be updated such that people wishing to chat must pay 0.01$ (1 cent) for the privilege using a Credit Card via PayPal.

The reason is that you must be 18 to have a credit card (or a PayPal account) and it is therefore reasonable to assume that only adults will buy the chat-feature and kids will have to ask their parents for chat access.

I’d like to point out that I am not making any money from this, as 1 cent is well below the fees charged by PayPal everytime somebody verifies chat. Additionally Player.IO charge me 0.03$ per transaction making the verification system something that costs me money.

To make up for the inconvenience everybody will be rewarded the  smiley for free.

If anyone has a great idea for how else to securely enforce Parental Control I would be more than happy to hear about it! You can go here to discuss the subject openly.

Christmas Specials and Spawn Points

Beta is now live.

Most notable I added Christmas Specials and Spawn Points.

Spawn Points Allows you to choose where in a level people should spawn. If you create multiple spawn points people will spawn randomly between them. (I am looking very much forward to seeing what people will these for)

Christmas Specials
By popular demand I added more Christmas Specials. There is now 6 special bricks and a special smiley. Both of them you will only be able to get to the 25th of december. Therefore you will have to be quick and play a lot of you want both free with Energy!

Christmas 2010 Christmas Specials


All changes since beta

  • Fixed yet another jump bug.
  • Crown now renders ontop of the smiley
  • Fixed bug where you could get stuck behind a lock wall, even though you yourself is surrounded by keys.
  • The load level from storage is now called /loadlevel
  • The /reset method now resets people to spawn points
  • Commands are no longer affected by the spam filter (You can kick people more than 4 times)
  • Chat length is now limited to 80 characters everywhere.
  • Adding energy is now much faster.
  • Added spawn points
  • Added new :-o smiley
  • Fixed bug where clearing your level would result in your spawn points getting lost.
  • People in god mode no longer teleports on a /reset
  • To prevent abuse you can now only be connected to the same room twice.
  • Added Christmas decorations.
  • 200 max energy for everybody!
  • When kicking a user from a room they are now automatically banned for 5 min.
  • Fixed bug where people would not get their smiles when using energy.
  • Added the Big Spender smiley
  • Fixed bug where you could jump on arrows

New physics and smilies in Beta

During this week I have used a lot of efforts fixing small bugs in the Everybody Edits game engine. If you have beta access you should notice that everything now runs slightly faster and jumps now have 100% predictable outcomes.

I also introduced four new smilies into the new energy shop.

If you want the Christmas Smiley you will have to be quick about it, as you will only be able to get it until the 25th of December. (When you have it you will naturally be able to use it forever)


Beta is live

Beta is now live.

Major changes

  • You can now kick people from beta rooms by typing /kick username where username is the user you want to kick.
  • The beta client is no longer compatible with the normal client. Thus only beta rooms can be played using it. You can however still play your old saved levels with everybody at
  • You can now reset your beta world by typing the command /reset into the chat. Real UI will come later!

Minor changes

  • Fixed bug that resulted in players getting out of sync
  • Added highlighting to messages with your name in it in the chat.
  • You can now quickly type usernames by typing in the first few letters of the username and pressing TAB

I expect that it will be at-least a few months before the Beta and Normal clients are compatible again. I know this is no fun, but it’s very needed to be able to test new features etc.

It’s snowing in beta

As those of you whom are beta members no doubt has noticed, there is a new version of the beta online. Beta

In this version I introduced rooms that only beta members can enter. The reason for this is that I have a lot of new features that I want to test out. At the same time I don’t want to have to use time on updating the old client for each update.

In short, expect lots of new things in the beta rooms over the next few weeks.

It's snowing in the new lobby!

You can see the snow and play the beta here

[EDIT] Quick edit to say, that my second priority is server stability, so that to should become better for everyone over the next short period.

Beta is live!

Major Changes

  • The game now has a real chat element on the right side

Minor Changes

  • Changed the visual style of scollbars
  • Fixed bug where the beta would forget saved user credentials
  • In game chat is now hidden per default. Hold shift or press enter to see the chat in-game.


Beta Screenshot showing the new chat to the right.


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