Back to beta – Factory Package

Beta is now live, in this update:

  • The shop now shows how many coin-doors you have correctly.
  • Coin-doors have been bumped from 5 to 10 per purchase.
  • Keys are now twice as precise (Still not perfect but better)
  • Did something with the magic.
  • It is now impossible to get Magic in a coin farm.

Hints on Magic

So Magic has been live for about an hour or so. A lot of people have already found it, but there is a few questions I would like to answer officially without giving away the whole thing.

Q: Who can get Magic?
A: All registered users can get magic, you do not have to be beta or have a specific smiley.

Q: Can you get magic more than once?
A: Yep, you can get it an infinite amount of times.

Q: In what worlds can you get the magic?
A: You can get magic in any world.

Q:  If I pick up a lot of coins will I get magic faster?
A: No the system is clever than that.

Q: How often can you get magic?
A: Several times a day

Q: Will there be more magic things?
A: Yep!


Back to beta – Coy smiley and a little bit of magic.

Beta is now live.

In this update I added the :3 smiley and a little bit of magic. The magic is secret so it’s going to be fun to see who will be the first to find it!

Back to beta – 400×200 Worlds and Black bricks

Beta has been released.

  • Fixed bug where new coin doors would not appear on the minimap.
  • Basic bricks can now be drawn on the level edge in saved levels.
  • You now get 5 coindoors for 1000 energy
  • Great 400×200 sized worlds are now online for beta members.
  • There is now a fully black brick in the beta energy shop.


Back to beta – Coin doors

Finally the first item in the back to beta development run has been released.

From today and forward Beta members have access to a new brick called Coin Doors in the Energy Shop. Coin doors works like key doors, but instead of opening when a key is touched, they open when a player have selected a certain amount of coins.

I have updated the short term todo to reflect the new changes.

Beta & Free Version Released

Beta & Free Version Released has just been released, in this update is:

  • Text selections are now visible in the chat sidebar
  • Fixed bug where people who where in god mode when a room key where changed did not teleport when /reset was called.
  • Switched to new and much better model for handling changes to the world! Drawing should now be MUCH smoother.
  • Public admins are now marked with orange in the in the game, userlist and chat to make admin impersonation harder.
  • Fixed bug where coin count would not be reported correctly after Clearing or Loading Levels
  • Coins and coin count is now reset when /reset is called.
  • Fixed bug where /reset could not be called before a level had been saved.
  • There is no longer snow in the loading screen and Lobby.

Vote for the New Years 2010/2011 level design competition.

After long and hard deliberations the judges have finally decided on their 10 favorite New Year 2010 competition levels. Now it’s your turn to decide what level is the best. Play the below levels in the poll and cast your vote today!

The levels

Team Xile – The 2011 Year Old Tree
EMBUR – Reversible New Year
Lx Crew – New year New concept
MG Crew – MG Crew New Years
EECHAT – Visions of Red
Fireworks Galaxy – New Year Galaxy
Who the F is Starblinky – The Clock Strikes 12
BA Team – BA Team RIP 2010
The Adams – 2011 callender
Team Blabla – YOUR NEW YEAR

Played them all? Now vote!


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