Todays ultimate fans

Congratulations to everyone getting the Ultimate Fan Smiley today!

The new ultimate fans are jimaquarious, epica, wbcrew, willardb, j05huavdm, starfighter3000, 3picfail, garrettlogo, jubydavidm, laliwil18, jeffery, romanshard, reclaimer, blueboy, rockinrobin, hoboman, arcuzfan256, grovyle183, ironspider, pizzadude2000, echo, areus, boyzindahouse, bobblabob and dedwinhedon

For those wondering how many cards I got so fare, here is the pile

Just short of 500 letters and cards, all envelopes etc removed.

Todays ultimate fans

Congratulations to sezgin, sniper5, smaland47, tylerwatts, slick, masterfireball, neotia, mop, nielsb, thip, taffelnator, supermarioman639, marioboy, eefansforever, legolover2000, edit94, leggomyeggo, tangerinemadeness, king9908, tonypro, shisusu, marioman, chappuis, hydros98, margotchap, barthou0, ganig, gamer36, mike720, giga, slayer991702 and stranger004 for getting the ultimate fan smiley.

I am back!

I am back for Germany and I most say the amount of post cards you guys have been sending is intense. I have been away for 5 days total and on my desk this morning was postcards from exactly 100 people!

Over the next few days I hope to have a bit of time to update the game, it is valentines soon after all ;)

Finally congratulations to marcmarc, xajonax, masterpopo, trexgod2k7, krazyman50, johan, bossek, bluji, justme111, alex666999, jomo3x, loftaris, akselthestar, ludvighej, chewy, formalninja, hpy, coolio123, jak, rizzipups, pluggsndipps, artwalker, jakethehedgehog, greenfan5, masterjake100, nono949, max, reece666999, thegreatyoshi, ctb, ctw461, matrix, antmaster, dude, progijsje, pinkpeace12, namla, blobness, pippie6868, henky6868, qwertyjon, kirbyvtw, ghost2, kingkirby, ruud, huntakker, mrtazoko, shyguy, mool132, graystripekokiri, kaylee123, patriot, mitchell, tensai, asil, guynm, theditor, zoidy, anar63, alexa, lorenzobvp, someguy34, jinsinheart, annabbyxb, 444, rtr, macy134, jackblack, jj64938, thebolt999, editing, screaminggoldfish, xxcheaterxx, 75369, miakrik, aaron8086, mrblobby24, sp1ce1ce, ragnar, supermouk, theplopp, kingkong123, elderas1, omatic, horsequeen, pawn, theed56, alekos, cardking32, ilele, martvangenuchten, coolboy3000, rth, redrocket10, noutskie, midas, czaarek99, rty, jumperwar and kacperekk whom now has the ultimate fan smiley.

Mochi Awards 2011: Everybody Edits nominated for Best Multiplayer Game!

That’s right, we managed to get nominated in the category Best Multiplayer Game for the Mochi Awards 2011 hosted by none other than Adobe in the Flash Gaming Summit 2011 held in San Fransisco!

We've been nominated!

Chris Benjaminsen is also going to be attending to meet fellow game developers as well as addressing everyone with a speech that I’m sure everyone is looking forward towards seeing in YouTube shortly after it’s done. ;)

So by all means: VOTE FOR US!

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Who are you Sarah & jstar3?

Hey Sarah, you send me the below postcard, but forgot to write your username. (Auch). If you are reading this, send me an email at thankyou at everybodyedits dot com with the information i blurred on the card and I will award you your smiley as fast as I can!

Likewise Jamourous, Meconor1 and Jstar3 (Found him jstar123) you send me a very nice postcard from Australia, sadly I canno’t give a smiley to jstar3 as that user simply does not exist in the game. Write me an email if you just typed in your username wrong.