Who are you Sarah & jstar3?

Hey Sarah, you send me the below postcard, but forgot to write your username. (Auch). If you are reading this, send me an email at thankyou at everybodyedits dot com with the information i blurred on the card and I will award you your smiley as fast as I can!

Likewise Jamourous, Meconor1 and Jstar3 (Found him jstar123) you send me a very nice postcard from Australia, sadly I canno’t give a smiley to jstar3 as that user simply does not exist in the game. Write me an email if you just typed in your username wrong.

Todays ultimate fans

Congratulations to everthiasedit, justinbieber, esox270, n5i0u0g0nep, yoshii, autofurz, exxes, mariomuffin634, kennyollie, noahlie, spongepuffle, loveie25, sk8rw0lv31, eemaster, fluffy, giantsfan10, meep, robban39, iloveyou, ninjaman, xrallexd, rocatox, marcom, sk8rw0lv312, dragonslayer520, beninja77, firexya, cthulhu, skyhawkcoomb, carla, cedric, mecnor1, jamourous, weirdo, aywerther, stardustdragon, stardust, victory, tomkazaz and hypershadic whom now has the ultimate fan smiley!

Mystic Arena beta part two.

So after some discussion back and forward, I and Mark has agreed that the 1$ requirement for being a beta tester of Mystic Arena did not work. Thus, here is your exclusive chance to try the beta for free!.

Just click the above image or here to get started!

If you already paid for the beta, Mark awarded you 50.000 wizard coins to own your friends with!

Let’s look at postcards!

As promised here is scanned versions of some of the better cards to arrive today and yesterday.

Pretty much all the cards are awesome, but this is by far my favorite so far.

Also congratulations to it40x, samland47 , ghost, legyo, ninjajoho, emil300, guido, swedishguy, seadragon, vjpp, matej959, paul1998, cyclomainiac and megajonttu8 who got the ultimate fan smiley today.