Hindsight is always 20/20

So, I still think that the ultimate fan smiley is still one of the best ideas I have ever added to the game. But in hindsight I should have realized that a game that has 40k+ players every day might result in quite a large volume of physical mail. At-least my postman just told me that he do not think it’s funny.

What awaits me every morning

This just goes to show that I am not a particularly smart man.

On the other hand congratulations to: pi123, clover, wcrew, gbob, reyrey, bohush, jak, ratburntro44, h3llcomezz, drewslego, doemu, betaguy, r2d2, cola1, jeffskye, marcusmario, robzelluf, huggan00, iba, yellowdog1, yellowpuppy12, mullepigen, sejejacob, bonjour, supermario007, iceluigi, yaddi101, treejoe4, pip, nico, dannyboy0009, sugarskull, alexthealien, bobcat101, danielg60dk, killermuffin99, mclone, tree and element for getting the ultimate fan smiley this morning…

I will post highlights when I manage to find myself a scanner again.

Time for some stats

This morning Everybody Edits rounded 9 million games played! Below some stats for the lifetime of the game.

As of right now:

Total amount of game sessions: 9.001.025
Total amount of rooms joined: 27.387.991
Total amount of time played: 313681155.9 Minutes (Thats 596.8 Years)
Most plays on a single day: 90.411
Most online at the same time: 2.682
Total bandwith used: 56.18 Tb

The ultimate fan smiley.

I just released the The ultimate fan smiley. It’s free but to get it you need  to snailmail us a postcard. For instructions see the in game energy shop.

Umm, yea I send myself a post card...

And congratulations to Linus21 who is the first to get this smiley because he decided to send us a post card before this smiley was live.

A little insight into magic.

While I do not want to talk much about how magic works internally to prevent abuse, I think you will find the following information usefull.

The chances of finding a coin are secret, but when you do find one, this is the chances to find the different types.

  • 2% Wizard
  • 10% +15 energy & full energy bar
  • 20 % + 10 energy
  • 68% + 1 energy

Happy coin hunting!

Game stability.

As long time Everybody Edits players will know, the stability of the Everybody Edits backend stability has been decreasing as the game has grown. Thus the past week my work has been on fixing bugs / optimizing the backend of the game. I am proud to announce that I released the result of this work yesterday and the game has been running flawless ever since!

The only downside to this work is that the new features I had planned for this week has been pushed into next week. The upside is that we now have a much more stable game to build on.

The boring technical details.

Everybody edits was originally written as a quick test. The first version of the game was prototyped in a single day and naturally this shines trough in the code. The bad code was not an issue back when the game was a small 500 people online thing. But as the game grew small things like reprocessing the entire level every time a user joined, or using a naive data structure for storing user data resulted in the performance of the game dropping so much that it was kicking players off.

What is live now is a much optimized version of the game where the worst offending errors has been fixed.

In the future there will still be crash bugs, performance issues and so on, but every day there goes by there will be fewer.


I feel that I owe the Everybody Edits community a big thanks. Thanks for not abounding the game because it’s unstable and thanks for being understanding when I randomly update the servers to get a quick fix live!

You guys are awesome!

Chris Benjaminsen