New Years Special 2010 / 2011

I just added a new years special for everybody edits. The special contains 5 New Years decorations and a New Years Smiley.

New Year 2010/2011 preview

New Year 2010/2011 preview

You will be able to get the special to the end of January 1st 2011 for 1.250 Energy. From now and until the end of the day on January 1st 2011 there is a total of about 2.300 energy so you better hurry if you want this special!


Usernames and Chat for everybody.

All registered users now have usernames and the ability to enable the chat. As with the beta, all members must go trough the Parental Control system before the chat can be used.

Sever Maintenance and Christmas Specials

As we are currently replacing a few hard drives in the server that hosts the primary game websites cannot currently be accessed. We expect to have normal operations back within the hour. The server is back up and running!

A lot of you will however be quite happy when the servers come back up, as we have decided to reenable the Christmas specials until the 1st of January. The simple reason for this is that most free players did simply not have time to get the offers using energy.

The Everybody Edits Christmas Event

Everybody Edits Christmas Event Banner

Official Everybody Edits Christmas Event 2010

The winner will be decided by public vote here on the blog. All the info you could ever want can be found on the fan forum.

New World Prices and Christmas Beta

As you might have noticed, I just lowered the energy for each world significantly.

The new setup is:

  • 25*25 = 250 energy
  • 50*50 = 500 energy
  • 100*100 = 1000 energy
  • 200*200 = 4000 energy
  • 400*50 = 2000 energy

At the same time I would like to announce that from now and to the 25th 00:00 of december my time (GMT+1). The beta membership package can be had for only 50 gems (5$) instead of 100 from the shop!

Happy holidays!


Version of Free And Beta is Live

Finally, is now live!

Major Changes

  • Free and Beta can now again play together
  • The Energy shop is now live for everybody
  • The Free website has been updated to support the chat bar.
  • You can now get more saved worlds in the energy shop.
  • The game now support worlds of any size.

Minor Changes

  • Fixed bug where spawn points would act strange in small worlds.
  • Fixed bug where guests / none chatting members could see the chat.

Parental Control

Sometimes you have to make an unpopular decision…

This is one of those times. When we first introduced the Beta program Everybody Edits did not have a chat, and during this period a lot of people gave their children access to the beta program.

We’ve since added a chat, and while it is working very well, it’s not particularly child-friendly. Consquently, I have received a lot of emails from concerned parents wishing for the ability to turn off the chat for their child.

Since I consider it a great responsability that parents trusts their children to be safe in Everybody Edits, I’ve decided to add a simple Parental Control system to the game.

However, since most parental control systems are easily circumvented by a 10 year old in 5 minutes or less I have decided to implement it a bit differently in Everybody Edits.

In the very near future the game will be updated such that people wishing to chat must pay 0.01$ (1 cent) for the privilege using a Credit Card via PayPal.

The reason is that you must be 18 to have a credit card (or a PayPal account) and it is therefore reasonable to assume that only adults will buy the chat-feature and kids will have to ask their parents for chat access.

I’d like to point out that I am not making any money from this, as 1 cent is well below the fees charged by PayPal everytime somebody verifies chat. Additionally Player.IO charge me 0.03$ per transaction making the verification system something that costs me money.

To make up for the inconvenience everybody will be rewarded the  smiley for free.

If anyone has a great idea for how else to securely enforce Parental Control I would be more than happy to hear about it! You can go here to discuss the subject openly.


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