Wow, real mail!

Thank you all very much for the postcards! We are very impressed. You are a creative bunch of people…and most of you seemed to have enjoyed your holidays :-)
Here is a picture of the postcards we received:
Highlights include:
From muffin:
This card has no porpuse
I send i anyway!
Poem from lpeugliot9 and wambo:
roses are red
violets are blue
I’m pretty bad at this
so gimme fanboy
Made us laugh!

You have all have been given the new Fan Boy II smiley:


Congrats, and thanks :-)


See you in the worlds!
MrShoe & MrVoid
PS : If you only just now found out about the new Fan Boy II smiley, just send us a postcard and you can have it. 

Winners of the Battle Of The Bots

The winners of the community initialized competition “Battle Of The Bots” have been found, and here are the results:

1st place goes to: mylo

As promised we’ll donate 250 gems and 3 months of Builders Club to mylo, congratulations! :)

Score: 83.75%
First submission:
Second submission:

Judges rule:
The first, “Relume”, is very detailed and emulates a survival adventure game. It has stages for the user(s) to complete, such as: build a shelter, make a bridge, and defeat the “purple”. It is immersive and relaxing, comparable to Minecraft but obviously not as complex. It can be made challenging by attempting to break the lowest time.

The second is a remake of the very old Atari game “Kaboom”, in which the user must catch the bombs that are being dropped from a wall. His remake is void of bugs and follows the gameplay mechanics exactly. It is simple, well-made, and addictive.

2nd place goes to: processor

As promised we’ll donate 3 months of Builders Clubs to processor, congratulations! :)

Score: 60.50%
First submission: none
Second submission:

Judges rule:
Processor’s remake of the classic game Tron is nearly flawless and has visited the top of the lobby several times in the past week. Users control their light cycle using arrow keys and expert timing. It is effortless to learn, which is always a good thing when you’re dealing with the general public.

3rd place goes to: captain9

As promised we’ll donate 3 months of Builders Club to captain9, congratulations! :)

Score: 57.25%
First submission: none
Second submission:

Judges rule:
We were highly impressed by the technical skill demonstrated in this bot. He chose to emulate a game called Worms, which is about shooting your opponent and strategically moving about. He allows the user to intuitively change strength and angle of trajectory in order to attack opponents. The shots fired follow a curve that follows what it would look like in real life.

However, there is a flaw that damaged his score severely, and resulted in third place instead of second place. The game does not have an end sequence – once your opponent dies, it continually asks you to shoot. I will ask him to include an end sequence since it will be receiving a lot of attention after he is announced the 3rd place winner.

Honorable mention: rubixguy
rubixguy made a very successful version of Connect Four, and if he had submitted it, he would have ranked in second or third place. However, he decided not to submit it, because he did not want the prize.

We think you guys ROCK!

Fanboy2 smiley

Thank you for all your summer vacation postcards, they were really heart warming :)

You will recieve your smiley as soon as possible, we just need to implement it, and we got knocked over by work coming back from the holidays.

See you in the worlds
MrShoe & MrVoid

Yay summer holidays!

We’re going on summer holidays (AGAIN), phew these last couple of weeks were hard work!


All kidding aside, we are actually going on summer holiday, but not for a year.
A lot of people have asked us if they could get the fanboy smiley, an obviously we can’t just give that away.
But! We’ve done a new fanboy smiley:


To get it, simply send us a postcard from your summer vacation, if it’s summer and you have vacation, otherwise just send us a postcard. Remember to write your username on the card, and we’ll reward you with the newest fanboy smiley.


We need postcards by august 4th, where submissions will be closed.
Send your postcard to:
Cape Copenhagen
Jorcks Passage, opgang A, 2. sal.
København K.


See you in the worlds!
MrShoe & MrVoid

New featured worlds

Hi all

Kingoftheozone tipped us about these great worlds, and asked if they could be featured. Sure, everybodyedits is all about the great worlds being created. So here they are:

World Link:
World Name: Operation Planet X
World Owner: Russianspy
Reason for selection: Contains really easy challenges, the sort of which a large percentage of players are familiar with, but with more of a focus on scenery.

World Link:
World Name: Terminal
World Owner: Star
Reason for selection: An extremely well known map that is actually really easy, and pretty easy to follow.  I would recommend this map to somebody who has never played this game before.  It’s also extremely enjoyable.

World Link:
World Name: The Square
World Owner: Toop
Reason for selection: Fun and somewhat easier map that does not revolve around playing multiple ‘minigames’ and has a very unique style of gameplay, and really great looking art.

World Link:
World Name: The Mansion
World Owner: Stagecrew
Reason for selection: A mostly easy map, that shows off several more complex gameplay style, in a way that is easy to understand and a great stepping stone for new players wanting to see something more than the normal generic map setup.

World Link:
World Name: GRnub Super Mario 64
World Owner: Master1
Reason for selection: A somewhat exploration based map, where the player can win without doing every single challenge, if they choose not to.

World Link:
World Name: Prestigious Piano
World Owner: Megalamb
Reason for selection: A music based map with several piano songs.

World Link:
World Name: Jump and Run
World Owner: Tokebot
Reason for selection: A harder map that more advanced players will really enjoy playing.  Does not contain gravity arrows, and even has instructions on how to beat each mini built into the map, so players will know how to beat each challenge, as long as they are skillful enough.

Competition: Battle of the Bots

We love competitions, and since one is already going on, we’ve agreed to sponsor it.

Read more here:

We (Cape) will pay the reward of 105 gems, heck we’ll even up it to 250 gems. And in addition we will reward 3 months of Builders Club for first second and third place.

And obviously we will put all entries in the featured tab.

Back from the dead

A year ago, we went on summer vacation.

Then everything went crazy for our little game company, Cape, and Mr Shoe and Mr Void have been booked solid on other projects since then.
We never abandoned the game, and we certainly never planned to leave EE without updates for an entire year, but sometimes stuff happens, and that’s unfortunately how things turned out.

We’re sorry about that. We know you love EE, and want development to continue on it.

Fortunately, both Mr Shoe and Mr Void are close to being finished on their long projects, and we will start working on EE again for a little while, starting with fixing the worst bugs.

We will also discuss how we will continue with EE development in the future, and let you all know what we’re going to do, as soon as we know.





Crash issue should be fixed

The crash issue should have been fixed a while back.


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