Woot system will be replaced

Hi guys,

As I’m sure some of you noticed during the campaign preview video, the top right corner didn’t display woots and there was a “Favorite this world!” button when beating the campaign level.

This is because woots will be replaced by “Favorites” and “Likes”.

Currently, woots are completely meaningless. Anyone can theoretically spend an infinite amount of woots on a level, either by coming back each day, rejoining or even using extra accounts. People woot to get edit rights, woot to get “gold” in a bot level, woot to announce them leaving the level, or simply woot because they have 10 of them and they don’t know what to do with them.

Because of this, woots aren’t rare in any way and therefore this “currency” is meaningless. Woots were meant to be a display of quality, to praise a world, but when it was first implemented it missed the mark due to its design. Therefore, woots are being replaced with “Likes” and “Favorites”

How  do “Likes” and “Favorites” work?
The system will work similar to YouTube. On the top right in a level and in the lobby you will see the amount of Likes/Favorites a world has. You can “Like” a world, and you can “Unlike” it. You only get to spend 1 Like per level, ever, making it much more meaningful than woots.
Similarly, you can “Favorite” a world, which means you will also be able to keep track of all your favorite worlds and easily find them again.
When Liking/Favoriting a world, no notification will be displayed in chat. We want it to be meaningful, and liking (and then sneakily unliking!) a world to get edit rights is not a display of quality, which is what this system is for.

What does this mean for my worlds?
Woots will go and Likes and Favorites will take its place. This means your woots are no longer displayed and everyone has a fresh start.

Join in on the discussion here: http://eeforums.cf/viewtopic.php?id=29490



Hi guys, I’d like to start off with the following: DON’T. EVER. GIVE. AWAY. YOUR PASSWORD. TO ANYONE. EVER. Ok? Ok, now for the actual post. It has recently come to our attention that there’s a lot of phishing going on. What’s phishing you ask? Simply put, someone tries to gain your trust to steal your sensitive information. In the case of Everybody Edits, people are pretending to be (secret) admins/mods and use some excuse to ask for your password. For example: ExampleExample2 If you give away your password, they will steal your account and abuse it. So don’t do it! The staff will never, ever, ask for your passwords, so don’t give them out to anyone! These are people trying to “hack” you. If someone sends you a PM like this, report them using the  /report command with a link to the PM chat history. For anyone attempting this, this is a serious offence, you will be IP banned if you attempt this, and possibly have all your accounts deleted. Also, there is no such thing as secret mods, so don’t listen to anyone saying they are. If you’re in doubt whether you’re talking to a staff member, the staff members’ name ingame will be yellow/gold or purple. Also, the list of staff members can be found here: http://eeforums.cf/viewtopic.php?id=28424 Also, DON’T. EVER. GIVE. AWAY. YOUR PASSWORD. TO ANYONE. EVER. NOT OUTSIDE OF EE EITHER! Stay safe The Everybody Edits team

2015 Summer EXCLUSIVE pack!

Today is the 21st of June, which means it’s officially summer! (Ok that was yesterday but shhh!)
Time to kick it off with the…
2015 Summer EXCLUSIVE pack!


This pack is only available for energy from today until the 1st of August 2015!

This pack features:
– A new orange aura, regular and Builders Club!
– 5 new decorations: summerdecos
– Two new smilies:
– The tourist smiley tourist
– The sun-burnt smiley sunburnt

Of course we also had to add a few fixes.


Block picker
– Selecting blocks and backgrounds while holding down a number key now always only requires 1 click.
– You can now assign blocks to the 0 key.

– Made the phrasing of the world options consistent.
– Re-ordered a bunch of blocks/backgrounds on the block bar to make them consistent with the rest.
– Morphable blocks now show up as “morphable” instead of “rotatable”.
– The “ladders” category has been renamed to “climbable”

– Fixed an issue where guests were spammed to register to be able to chat when resizing the window.
– Fixed a silly typo in the guest lobby (costum–>custom).
– Fixed guest side buttons overlapping the minimap button.

– Increased the chances of getting a magic coin a bit more.
– Not having chat now also disables PMing whomever you like.
– Added a word filter to user creation.
– Using the teleport command now says *SYSTEM* instead of *WARNING*.
– Polished the beige brick background.


This is not the big thing we keep hyping yet, but there’s nothing wrong with spoiling you a little bit ;)

Let’s have a talk

Hey guys,

As you may have noticed, EE has undergone some major changes on several levels, of which its staff is one.
While I’m sure you guys know most of us by name, we’ve been receiving many questions about who we actually are, what it is like being part of the staff, and especially,  what we actually do for EE; we want to make this clear.  Because we like being part of the community as much as any other player, I’ll start off by providing an overview of the staff, some basic personal details, and the role of each respective member. After that, I’ll provide some insight into our vision of the game, list things you can expect from us and what we expect from you, and finally, answer the legendary question of “pls caen i be mod how 2bcme mod?”. I hope you’re in for a long read.

Click here to see the full post.


Hi guys!
We bring you another update on this amazingly sunny day! This patch was focused on the organization of stuff, paving the path towards a more user-friendly and streamlined game. Currently, the game may come across as overwhelming to new users as well as disorganized to veterans, so we have made a start on fixing this. As usual, don’t forget to report any bugs in the Bug Report section, we really do read this wink

Block revamps

We continue on our journey of cleaning up after the previous staff: little thought was given to the organization of the blocks. Considering the large amount of blocks and the lack of organization when adding these, we felt it was time for some re-organization and revamping of existing blocks. We have done this in three steps:
1: Moved blocks over from pack to pack
2: Turned several of the same blocks into single morphing ones
3: Revamp the looks
Listing all changes would turn into a 50-page annotated PhD-worthy thesis, so instead we will list the most significant ones:

1: Pack re-organization
We have moved blocks between packs as well as renamed some to form more coherent themes and reduce the amount of separate packs. Don’t panic! You get to keep all blocks. In fact, this can work out in your favour! If you owned a pack that is now part of another pack, you gain the entire new one for free. Some existing packs even got new blocks!

– Added 3 new desert flora to the newly named Desert Pack. Es0Kcox.png
– Sci-Fi pack has gained an additional colour. mgiN2vT.png
– The Monster Pack has an additional creepy eye and 4 new backgrounds. 3CWKnvC.pngqIewcen.png
– The Candy Pack has a new larger cream decoration and 3 new pieces of candy. QqkqTO9.png
– The Canvas Backgrounds gained 2 new colours. LrR1627.png
– The Dojo Pack gained 4 new backgrounds. ePxtigy.png

2: Morphable blocks
To morph a block, click it multiple times.
Note: Some items have been split into two separate ones. This is due to the way some blocks were created originally, which severely limited their use. For example, the wooden scaffolding background blocks in the Timbered pack: because of their white background, they couldn’t be placed with any other colour scheme:
z3jCTb3.pnghas turned into HKP3DlA.png

Unfortunately, we cannot replace the existing ones with the two others without a great risk of ruining your worlds. Therefore, we have decided to go the safe route and stick to the original as close as possible. However, this does mean some stars/scaffolding will disappear from your worlds, which you can add back yourself. We realize this is not an ideal scenario, but still the best one.

– Mars backgrounds are now a background and a separate set of star decorations
– Weapons  in the medieval pack can now morph into different directions.
– Weapons/shields in the medieval pack can now morph into different colours.
– Dojo roof somethings can now morph into different colours. gfGEEJD.png
– Dojo sign decorations now have a transparent background.

– The wooden scaffolding (originally in the Timbered Backgrounds) is now a morphable decoration in the Medieval Pack.

– Monster decorations can now morph into different directions.

3: Looks revamp
– Updated the looks of the winner’s cup
– Updated the looks of the flame hazard
– Zombie doors and gates no longer show as transparent on the minimap.

– Added a rope block, which functions as a ladder. PiGNMKP.png
– Added Clay Blocks.
Note: if you owned the Timbered Pack, you get this for free!
– Added Neon Backgrounds
Note: if you owned the Carnival Pack, you get this for free!

– Replaced artificial shading on blocks with real shading.
– Decorations that are rendered on top of blocks no longer appear floating due to weird shading.
– Signs and several decorations are now rendered on top of players.
– Hovering  the cursor over morphable blocks now shows a blue square around the relevant blocks.
– Rearranged the action blocks in a more sensible order.


– Increased maximum message length from 80 to 140.
– Decreased capital letter limiting sensitivity.
– Removed /r command; press BACKSPACE to reply to the last received PM.
– World filter options are now available to everyone.
– You now receive a prompt when reporting someone.
– Capital letters in commands now count as a valid command.


– Text bubbles from signs now have rounded corners.
– The death counter icon has been updated.
– Spectating now displays a text to indicate you are spectating.
– Clicking anywhere in the screen now allows you to stop spectating.
– Added a colour picker for Background Settings under Word Options.

Bug fixes

– Dying+levitation no longer makes you a flying invisible corpse.
– Zombie doors and gates no longer show as transparent on the minimap.
– Having a Builder’s Club Aura set when it expires no longer gives you a weird aura.
– Builder’s Club expiring no longer causes a sync error when joining a level.
– Fixed some issues with commands returning the “Unknown command” message.


– World names on profiles are now censored if word filter is enabled.
– You now receive a prompt when buying an item with gems to prevent incorrect purchases.
– Using the /reset command now also resets switches
– A message is now displayed when someone is unable to join your world due to world settings.
– Added IP-bans to get rid of the really pesky users.
– Levitation now has its old animation back.


We are very much aware of your concerns when it comes to the rarity of Magic Coins. We’re working on a fix, which should follow shortly after this patch.

But more importantly, we highly recommend you get BETA for the next update if you don’t have it yet. We want to involve players in beta testing the new content again, and especially for the next update, you will definitely want to! We have been working on something massive, and will continue to do so until it is done, and it will be released to BETA members before anyone else. It will be one of the biggest things Everybody Edits will have ever seen and will change it for the better in a major way…

…stand by.

There’s a new Guardian in town!

TheSource85 Hi everyone, today I’ve had the pleasure of becoming a new guardian to the game!

A little bit about myself: I’m 30 years old, an IT professional (system administrator, technical application management (DBA), PHP developer) and I love to play musical instruments..

Please don’t spam me with pointless questions; I do like to be a little nuts sometimes, but I’m also very serious about a lot of stuff. I’m just a guardian, not a moderator, so I can’t do stuff other then keeping peace or kick spammers.

Enjoy the game and be nice!