Crash issue should be fixed

The crash issue should have been fixed a while back.

Working on the crash issue

We’re aware of the guest-bot problem, and we’re working on solving it as soon as we can.

We’re also returning from the dead soon, so check back here once in a while.

MrShoe is on holiday

So I have decided to make a few changes of my own ;-)

First of, I want to introduce you to this lovely summer girl:


And then some big news: I have removed the Magic decay! 

So from now on, all the magic you collect, you get to keep. No more leveling down when you are not playing!

Next up, Builders Club Sale!


1 month Builders Club is now only 5$.

Dark Magic

To those of you that still have not met a Dark Wizard, here is what he looks like. You can find him by collecting coins and by getting lucky :-)

But he is extremely rare though.

darkwizardEnjoy the summer!


I for one welcome our new smiley overlords

As promised we’re announcing the winner(s) of the smiley competition today.

We had a lot of great entries, and when it came down to a decision we couldn’t decide which one was better, so we picked three winners!

So without further ado: Presenting  “Kung Fu Master”, “Fox” and “Night vision”.



Kung Fu Master was designed by: Tiken.

Fox was designed by: Cola1.

Night Vision was designed by: TOOP.

Awesome work guys! We are very happy to have them in the game.

“Night vision”, “Kung Fu Master” and “Fox” can be purchased in the energy shop for 1000 energy at Magic Class 7 now.

All three winners will recieve 1 month of Builders Club and the fanboy smiley (and all three smilies of course). Congratulations :)

Dark magic

In other news; A magical dark being has been spotted lurking in the world. To possess this magical wizardous being you need all magic smileys and even more magic! Good hunting!


Featured worlds

Two new worlds have been added to the featured tab today.

“Galaxy Circuit” by AngelBoy and Star, another raceway style world, try it out here:

“Lightspeed Rush” by KingOfTheOzone, fun with boosts, try it out here:

See you in the worlds
MrShoe & MrVoid

End of smiley contest

Deadline for submissions to the smiley contest is now officially over.

We are overwhelmed by the number of submissions, and look forward to reviewing them all.

The verdict will be posted next week, so stay tuned :)

Featured worlds

We added a new amazing world to the featured tab:

Temple Run, by Spiderman

Sale on Summer packs

Since the weather is actually summer-ish for once (at least here), we thought we’d have a sale on both the summer packs (2011 & 2012). We’re cutting the price in half.

See you in the worlds
MrShoe & MrVoid


Aloneness in a bottle

Ah, the peace and quiet of the countryside. Now in a bottle!


Are you also tired of trying to complete a hard mini with 10 other smilies doing just the same?

You can’t make out yourself in the swarm of smilies!

Well take a zip of the potion of solitude, and feel all alone in the world.

The potion of solitude makes all other players in the world invisible for a duration of 5 minutes.

Even though the other players are invisible they’re still around and they can still see you. You are not protected from zombies or curses, so you may not want to use it in zombie arena worlds. You can still chat with the other players.

Other players will not be able to tell that you are invisible.

The potion has id 13 if you want to turn it off in your worlds.

/reportabuse update

We changed the profile of the report abuse command a bit. It now requires a player name (of the player you wish to report), and a reason (meaning the reason is no longer optional).

Hence a report now has the form:

/reportabuse #playername# #reason#

Future updates

For quite some time we’ve had themed weekly updates all spanning three weeks. Updates usually includes a set of blocks, a smiley and a potion.

These weekly updates takes time away from other tasks we would like to do. And we think the block and smiley selection is quite large already.

So we have decided to cut down on themed updates and instead spend more time on making the game better, faster and more fun.

We will still launch themed packs of blocks, backgrounds and decorations, and we will introduce new smilies and potions. Just not on a weekly basis.

This also means that you’ll see the update notice from time to time, without new features showing up.

Competition Time!

Several players have requested more competitions from us, so we thought we’d start with a little “create-a-smiley-and-get-it-in-the-game” competition:


  • The best smiley gets implemented at a magic class you decide (but below 10). And at a cost of 1000 energy. You decide the name, but please don’t make it too long :)
  • The winner smiley for free (ofcourse).
  • 1 month of Builders Club (or 1 month extension if you are already a member).
  • The fanboy smiley if you don’t have it already.

Who can submit: Everybody! But only one smiley per player.

Deadline: May 15th, 2013.

Judges: MrSecretGraphicsGuyWhoDoesAllOfOurGraphics, MrShoe and MrVoid.

Graphics requirements:

Please do not use characters that could be interpreted as copyright infringement or the likes. That means avoid; Comic characters (yeah yeah, we know there’s a superman smiley in there), film characters, litterature characters and stuff like that. Go for the more generic types.

All smilies are boxed in a 16×26 px sprite.

All smilies have a 1 px white outline (which is allowed to be broken in small areas). The outline may have transparency.

The png must be fully transparent where there is no graphics.

All graphical content below pixel 21 (from the top), including the white border is rendered below the ingame floor, so use this as your baseline. Likewise everything above pixel 5 (from the top) will overlap a ceiling. So to stay within the bounds of a block you should go for a 16×16 px smiley including the white border.

If we cannot make your smiley look good ingame, or if it’s too large you can’t win, no matter how good your smiley looks.

Smilies can not be animated.

You can use this .png as a template (right click, save as):

smileytemplateSubmit your smilies to:

Other updates

Fixed basic gray background block bug

Wizard of Oz?


For the second update in the “farm” theme we introduce two new smilies; “Moo moo” and “Scarecrow”


Moo moo requires a magic class of 7 and Scarecrow requires a minimum magic class of 9.

Home Worlds



This update also introduces the concept of “home worlds”. They are a templated world (or pre-filled) that everybody gets. It acts like all your other worlds, you have full owner rights, and you don’t have to keep the templated blocks. Use your home world to give a nice introduction of yourself, as a place to invite guests for cake, a hub for all your other worlds, or just as another playable world, it’s all up to you.

You may have to log in again to get your new home world.

The home worlds dimensions are 40×30 tiles (just enough to fit within the game screen).

Talking Heads (well smilies)

Everybody chats! That’s right, today we’re releasing chat for everybody with the exception of guests.

Please remember that we can, and will, remove chatting rights from players abusing the chat (or even ban them from the game). You can use the /reportabuse command to notify us about abusive behaviour in the chat.


Other updates:

We added two new commands that can be used by everybody in any world.
/mute #playername# –  Prevents the player with the specified username from sending you messages in the chat. Others will still be able to see messages from the specified user. Note: /mute is local to a game session.

See you in the worlds!

MrShoe and MrVoid

/unmute #playername# – Removes the player with the specified username from the muted list.

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