Gonna catch me a Zombie!

Zombie Traps

Zombies have a habit of camping in world spawn points, making it real hard for smilies to avoid getting the zombie virus, so this update introduces Zombie gates and Zombie doors.


The zombie door will let smilies through but not zombies.
The zombie gate will let zombies through but not smilies.

Like most other limited items there’s a limit of 10 on how many you can place in a world (unless you have a builders club subscription).

(Don’t forget that the “/potionsoff 9″ command is still available if you don’t want zombies at all in your world)

Invisible Portals

A lot of world builders have asked for invisible portals back (which is basically an exploit), so we asked them to be as creative as they could with invisible portals and send us their worlds.

Today is the deadline for the entries, and we are looking forward to trying them out.

Other updates

  • By popular demand, the ‘b’ message now carries the id of the player placing the block. Lots of potential usages for the bot engineers out there. We look forward to seeing what you come up with.
  • Fixed kick message where the dispatcher got the message instead of the kicked player.

See you in the worlds!

Evil Dead


Bruce the Zombie Slayer

Today we’re introducing Bruce the Zombie Slayer.Zombie Slaying is not for everybody,  so you’ll need a minimum magic class of 11 to wield the awesomeness of the Bruce.

Zombie Vs Humans status in the HUD

We also added the “Zombie Heads Up Display” that shows how many players are currently zombies in the world. The HUD element only turns up when zombies are present. We’re hoping this could make the Zombie VS Humans worlds a bit more interesting now that you can actually see just how many pesky humans (or zombies) are left to eliminate.


Builders Club is on 50% sale from today and until Monday! Get it before it is to late.

Oh and since today is Valentines Day we’re putting the kissing smiley on sale, så be sure to get it and spread the love (or just some zombie virus if you’re more into that)…

Other updates:

  • /visible #visibility# command added. Sets the visibility of a world in the lobby. Values are true or false.
  • /getpos #playername” command added. Sets the visibility of a world in the lobby. Values are true or false. Gets the current position of #playername# in the form “pos,playername,x,y” where the x and y are specified in tiles (as opposed to pixel coordinates).
  • /help #commandname# command added. Type ‘/help’ to get a list of command names, type ‘/help’ followed by the command name (f.ex ‘/help /visible’) to get a description of the command. The output is only shown to yourself in the chat and like all commands it only works for world editors.
  • Fixed teleport so players can’t be positioned in the world borders (or outside them).

Swamp of the hidden zombies

For the second update in the Zombie-theme, we have made a pack with muddy water, bubble decorations, rushes and more.


The mud works like water, so you can swim in it…except it drags you down!

We also added a Respawn Potion. It just respawns you at your last checkpoint or the world default spawn point. This replaces the “/respawn” command, and makes it possible for world owners to decide if respawning should be possible in their worlds.

Other Updates

  • Zombies can now run a bit faster, which means they can now also dive in water.
  • If you are killed as a zombie, you will respawn normal (not a zombie)
  • The bug where you could exit then reenter and look like you are not a zombie is fixed.
  • Switches are now reset if loadlevel or reset commands are called.
  • All players must read and accept the Terms & Conditions before playing Everybody Edits.

See you in the worlds!


Theme of the living dead

Well, it is certainly no near Halloween, but MrVoid wanted to make Zombies so badly, we went ahead and made them anyway :-)

So, for the next three weeks, keep you brain out of arms reach.


This week, we introduce the Zomibe Potion, which turns you into a zombie. Anyone you touch will also be infected and turn into a zombie!

When you are a zombie you will move slower and not be able to jump very high.

I made a world for zombies, but it turned out to be quite hard to survive in :-) Here is a picture from the world (filled with zombies).


I hope someone will do a better job at making fun zombie-worlds than me!

Also in this update:

We have finally got around to making Terms & Conditions and Help sections. The links are located in the top right corner of the mainscreen / lobby.

We have tried to keep the Terms & Conditions simple and readable. Basically, we just want people to respect each other (and Everybody Edits).

The help section is mainly meant to new users. Slightly experiences users will probably now what it says, or have found the information elsewhere on one of the many EE-wikies or forums.


  • Bug preventing the use of some rare smileys (Magic smiles and more) was fixed on Monday.


  • By popular demand: Added commands to turn certain potions on/off:  (/potionson #a# #b#…#x#) and (/potionsoff #a# #b#…#x#). Read more in the Help section. (We would really like to make a panel for all these new commands, so they are more user-friendly.)
  • Small delay from when you spawn until you can be infected/cursed.
  • Can’t die of a potion if the world have potions off.
  • Less chat spam (Removed “player died from a zombie potion)

See you in the worlds!


Can’t touch this

For the last update in the hell theme, we have a Bishop and a potion of Protection!


The potion of protection last for 30 seconds and will protect you from any hazards! However it will not protect you from curses or evil world-owners…they can still kill you :-)

One use for the new potion is an “Escape” challenge, where you need to get out of a world filled with hazards. Drink a potion of protection and escape before it runs out!

I have made an example here:




Promo video:

RPGMASTER2000 made a new cool promo video for Everybody Edits!


Also in this update:

  • Added the command: /teleport #name# #x# #y#, which allows the world owner to teleport other players inside his world. If no coordinates are given, they are teleported to the owners position.
  • Fixed fireanimation bug (slow start if placed in lower right corner in some world types)
  • Players can’t affect world after they died (Sorry to those who have build worlds around that bug. But it was a bug)

See you in the worlds!


A cursed day in hell!

And who better to bring a curse than a Firedemon?



Today is the day you can curse yourself and everybody around you :-)

Do this by drinking a potion of curse.


Which will make you look like this:


The curse lasts for 1 minute, and then you die.  But there is hope! Touch another player  and the curse is passed on to him….and make sure to get away! Let the cursing begin ;-)

This new potion of curse is the first potion which introduces a kind of “mini-game”. We would like to make more of these to make it possible to initiate different games, for example a Zombie potion, which makes you move slower, and the curse just spreads when you touch another player.

But we will have to see how this one is received first.

Smiley Magic Classes

Another new update from today is Magic Classes for smileys. From now on, you will have to be of a certain Magic Class in order to buy and use some smileys. Emotion smileys, like smile or sad, are available to all. But some, for example the new Fire Deamon, require you to be Magic Class 10.

All old smileys are no more than Magic Class 6.

This does not mean that anyone will lose their smileys. But perhaps they will have to collect some Magic before they can use them :-)

[Clarification edit:]

There’s been some confusion on how minimum magic classes are applied to existing smileys. So to clear things up a bit:
  • You do not loose any smileys you have purchased. You can however loose your ability to use them, but once you reach the required level they can be used again. You do not have to buy them again.
  • If you experience any smilies missing in your inventory then this is a bug and not related to minimum magic classes, so if you see this please report this as a bug to julian@everybodyedits.com
  • In the smiley selector, the smileys are now sorted in order of minimum magic class. This means that they have all been rearranged.
  • Any rare items such as the wizard smilies, the fanboy smiley and beta smilies do not have a minimum magic class, they are always free to use.
  • Any future releases of rare items, give-aways or prizes will not require minimum magic classes.
  • All existing smileys are at a relatively low minimum magic class (no higher than 6 and most are lower).
  • We have no intentions of setting a Magic Class on blocks (otherwise we would have done it at the same time as smilies)
  • And finally: We have lowered the degradation speed of magic significantly, so class dropping will be much slower (and not at all if you play some worlds every now and then)

Other updates.

  • No longer possible to place infinite fire hazards
  • Added an ad for all non-Builders Club members on Everybodyedits.com
  • Updated the Loadscreen image. Thanks for all the good advice and general jumping around to everyone who joined in :-)


See you in the worlds!


Hell, but fun!

This week we start out the new theme: Hell


We do this with a fire hazard that work more or less like the spikes.  And some lava. Can’t have hell without lava.

Also, a new potion, which gives you a flaming aura when playing (not in god-mode). It just makes you look great ;-)


See you in the worlds!


Also in this updates:

  • Possible to buy blocks as Builders Club member


  • Corrected minimap colors for Lava Backgrounds
  • Fixed incorrect world listings for Builder Club members.
  • Added the commands: /kill #name# and /killemall. Kills one or more non-god, non-mod players :-)

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