Wizard of Oz?


For the second update in the “farm” theme we introduce two new smilies; “Moo moo” and “Scarecrow”


Moo moo requires a magic class of 7 and Scarecrow requires a minimum magic class of 9.

Home Worlds



This update also introduces the concept of “home worlds”. They are a templated world (or pre-filled) that everybody gets. It acts like all your other worlds, you have full owner rights, and you don’t have to keep the templated blocks. Use your home world to give a nice introduction of yourself, as a place to invite guests for cake, a hub for all your other worlds, or just as another playable world, it’s all up to you.

You may have to log in again to get your new home world.

The home worlds dimensions are 40×30 tiles (just enough to fit within the game screen).

Talking Heads (well smilies)

Everybody chats! That’s right, today we’re releasing chat for everybody with the exception of guests.

Please remember that we can, and will, remove chatting rights from players abusing the chat (or even ban them from the game). You can use the /reportabuse command to notify us about abusive behaviour in the chat.


Other updates:

We added two new commands that can be used by everybody in any world.
/mute #playername# –  Prevents the player with the specified username from sending you messages in the chat. Others will still be able to see messages from the specified user. Note: /mute is local to a game session.

See you in the worlds!

MrShoe and MrVoid

/unmute #playername# – Removes the player with the specified username from the muted list.

Everybody Amish

level (1)

We know how you all love Farmville and Cow Clicker, so we’re bringing some of that farm feeling to Everybody Edits. No more hell or zombies or warriors of Sparta. Now it’s all about fresh air and green grass!

The first farm update brings a couple of new decorations and a new block, that should guarantee that countryside feeling to the worlds.

How is that for cosy down-to-earth feel-good update?

See you in the worlds!

MrShoe & MrVoid

Final Ancient Greece update

Helen of Sparta


This update in the Ancient Greece theme introduces Helen of Sparta (or Helen of Troy as some may know her) to the smiley family. Some of our female players have requested specific female smileys, so we hope this one is well accepted. We certainly like it.

Helen of Sparta requires a minimum magic class of 7.

Earn these shields boys!

You know that beautiful shield that appears over your head when you level up? Don’t you wish you could rub it in the noobs face? Well now you can! With the new super awesome Potion of Flaunt, everybody can see just how awesome you are!

The only difference from the level up badge is the flaunt badge does not glow.

The Potion of Flaunt requires a minimum magic class of 3. The id is 12 if you don’t like braggers and want to turn it off.

Builders Club Exclusives

So far the Builders Club Exclusives have been limited to Builders Club doors and gates. Today we’re expanding the Builders Club Exclusive block collection to feature the “sign” block.


The sign block allows the world owner to place signs that display a text message when the player stands on them.

The sign block can only be placed in your own worlds, but there is no limit to how many you can place.

The text input has a limit of 140 characters.

Also new additions to the membership exclusives is:

  • Club members do not lose magic
  • Club members can add up to 40 friends

Please note, that should you get the brilliant idea of putting vulgarity, bullying messages or any other stuff we could find remotely abusive into the sign text boxes we will discard your BC membership with a reference to our terms and conditions. You will not get a refund. You might get banned. Just to make that absolutely clear.

New Command

This update also adds a new command “/reportabuse #reason#”. Use this for reporting signs with inappropriate sign content content The reason parameter is optional.

Sale on Builders Club!

In other news; We’re putting a sale on Builders Club, prices if you get Builder Club now are:

  • 1 month is now 4$ (before 11$)
  • 3 months is now 10$ (before 30$)
  • 6 months is now 18$ (before 54$)
  • 12 months is 32$ (before 96$)

Featured Worlds Update

This week we’re reactivating all previously featured world, and we’re adding a couple of new ones as well (please feel free to email us suggestions for the featured tab):

Megaman Dash
A legendary musical world. Creativity at it’s finest. Should you not know this one, then here’s a little movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcZOMjcCEa4

Mission Cave
Nice design, and just a nice progressive feel, and not too hard either :)

Musicman Red Songs
Just cool songs, and we like the musical levels.

The EE legend
Just a great parkour world

See you in the worlds!
MrShoe & MrVoid

What’s Sparta without Spartans?


Last week we started the Ancient Greece/Sparta theme, and brought you the sturdy columns

But what is Sparta without Spartans? As some of you probably have guessed already, this update brings Spartans to Sparta. So lets welcome our Spartan warrior to the EverybodyEdits family.


The spartan requires a minimum magic class of 8.

Sale on the timbered package

The spartan villagers probably lived in something you could create using the timbered block package (well kind of), so we’re putting a sale on that. If you got gems to spare, be sure to get it!

Featured worlds update
As promised we’re updating the featured worlds to present some of the bot-assisted worlds of Everybody Edits.

To those who are unfamiliar to bot assisted worlds here is a brief explanation:

Bot assisted worlds use 3rd party programs to either change the world appearance (for example the patterns in Yo!Scroll) and/or to store player behavior r stats (an example could be the timers used in the race way worlds. Or the collected items in “FLD DigBot ICANDIGIT”).

The convention is that if the world name says “ON” the bot is alive and kicking, if it says “OFF” it’s not actively being controlled, and most likely not playable. Obviously we hope most of them will be on while they are featured :)

Here’s the list of the new featured worlds (if you feel we left some out that should be here, please let us know).

Yo!Scroll Inf
Fame and Glory awaits the winners
Link: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWWkBWyGyla0I

Herty Raceway
See if you can beat the *cough* super fast *cough* laps of the moderators
Link: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWDVpWrPRrbEI

FLD Temple Wurm
Description and instructions can be found here: http://ee.forumify.com/viewtopic.php?id=28137
Link: http://www.everybodyedits.com/games/PWgY_zwENDbUI

This one requires a manual: http://ee.forumify.com/viewtopic.php?id=21995
Link: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWwOSVUPOLbEI

Angel’s Raceway
Another great racing world
Link: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWtahwnBfvbEI


Other updates

  • Fixed the dead zombies bug, where guests are not respawned when the zombie potions runs out.

See you in the worlds
/MrShoe & MrVoid

Prepare to take off

The final update for the Sci-Fi theme brings a new potion to the worlds of Everybody Edits.

The potion of levitation:


The name of the potion explains what it does. But you can’t just fly around as if in god mode, the potion of levitation acts more like a jet pack, where you apply thrust to take off and release the throttle to go back down. You use space to apply thrust.


The potion has a duration of 1 minute. It has id 11 if you want to turn it off (chat command /potionsoff 11).

New featured worlds

Today is the deadline for the beginner friendly world submissions, and here are the ones we selected (others are handpicked by us, simply because we think they fit the criteria or just deserve to be featured):

Easy Big Minis
A very thourough introduction to gravity minis.
Try it here: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWRmJUJPQ9bEI

By Aoitenshi
A great introduction to EE (even though the portal stuff at the beginning could be hard to understand for beginners)
Try it here: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWM_2Lw1jNa0I

The little adventure
by Sensei1
Nice Zelda-ish feel, focusing on exploration.
Try it here: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWwIz5p6J0bEI

Everything coinlevel
by MisterStupid
Easy minis, nice success rate for beginners.
Try it here: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWbnzNQNi4a0I

Super Mario Bros 3
by Yaruo
A very understandable and familiar world for new players. Nice progression feel. And overall a nice introduction to the various blocks in EverybodyEdits.
Try it here: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWL2NjNOdhbEI

Spikes in Space
by KingOfTheOzone
Very creative use of a space world, a bit hard though.
Try it here: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWi9ngGzjvbEI

200 Lava minigames
by Deltaz
A nice bunch of boxed minis that slowly gets harder and introduce the simpler elements of EverybodyEdits gradually.
Try it here: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWKK8zFHH8bEI

Scythes Easter 2011
by Scythe
Hardly a beginners world, but since easter is just around the corner, why not bring some attention to this old gem.
Try it here: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWQw1rIz9Xa0I

The next set of featured worlds

For our next featured set of worlds we would like to focus on the bot assisted worlds, so please send us your suggestions or your contributions (both existing worlds and new additions are welcome).

/MrShoe & MrVoid

Sci-fi, The Sequel

Say hello to Unit!


As part of Sci-fi theme Unit is the newest member of our smilies family.
We are looking forward to seeing hordes of units vs zombies in the worlds.

Unit requires a minimum magic class of 7.


Invisible Portals

As promised the invisible portals are now a block like any other. They work just like the regular portals but are only rendered to players with editing rights. Invisible portals can target regular portals, and vice versa.

Invisible portals are bought separately in the shop, and for each purchase you can add two invisible portals (from and to) to your worlds. This means that regular portals and invisible portals cannot be substituted in numbers in a world.

The following players have received the invisible portals for free:

  • Thanel (x5)
  • Lictor666 (x3)
  • Saintcool (x2)
  • Asurch
  • Express50
  • Benje00 (x3)
  • Philipg1
  • Master1
  • Helvi
  • Legoking2000
  • Blindz0r
  • StageCrew (x2)
  • Boh (x2)
  • Silverstar29
  • Addi
  • Bobyy
  • Buzzerbee
  • Spiderman (x2)
  • Theditor (x2)
  • Amitatsmon (x2)
  • Jan12345 (x2)
  • Creative
  • EENinja
  • 0176
  • Honeybuckles44
  • Courier6
  • simon10
  • Jojatekok
  • Mat
  • MIHB
  • KingOfTheOzone


Builders Club 1 month membership


In other news. Today we’re releasing a 1 month Builders Club subscription, so now you can have every block in EverybodyEdits available for one month. The 1 month subscription includes one wide world. The subscription is available in the shop at 11$ or 110 gems.

Other updates include:

  • A sign added to world portals informing the user how to use them – down the line we want to add the target world name, but for now this will have to do.
  • Added “/listportals” command, that returns all portals (visible and invisible, but not world portals). Output is on the form “id,target,x,y,type”. Don’t know how useful this is overall, but it does allow for some overview of your placed portals.

Sci-Fi! Get your glow on

The next theme is Sci-Fi and today we release a Glowy Lines pack. If you look at SciFi movies, it seems that future space ships will be very keen on using glowy lines, either as engines or as interior design. The future is now!

With these you will also have another way of representing symbols, letters, numbers or other kind of shapes in the decoration layer. Like the spike hazard, the glowy lines can be rotated by clicking them while the block is selected.

Judgement day

We are very impressed with the worlds submitted to bring back the invisible portals. We agree with that invisible portals do make a difference to the feel worlds, so we will make a dedicated block for them, so you don’t need an exploit to place them. You need a bit of patience though, we just need to do them first :)

All the players who contributed to the challenge will be given a pack of these for each world you contributed to, along with a big thank you.

Technical note: Invisible portals that are already placed will remain as they are, but we will prevent the exploit that makes regular portals invisible in the future.

Featured Worlds

As some of you may be aware of, we think that new players initial impression with Everybody Edits may seem a bit confusing.

So we would like to use the featured tab for a period to display easy accessible content for EE beginners. So if you want to help out, send us some worlds that are good for beginders, and we will  feature them.

The worlds should introduce the various concepts of EE blocks to the player gradually and in an easy to understand manner. Not necessarily like the tutorials, where it is step by step, but just good simple fun that new users can understand. We found one world that is sort of what we mean: “Jungle Minigame 100″  by SKLD 

Remember the more users who stick around, the more there are to play your worlds. And frankly you produce much better content than we do ;-)

Any genre will do, but requiring users to master hook jumps or extreme dexterity (and patience) to beat a gravity mini probably will not get you in the featured tab.

Submissions should be sent to us (julian@everybodyedits.com) by the 20th of March.

Oh, and it is not a contest as such. We haven’t planned on any prizes or anything. It’s only if you want to help out and get your world featured.

With that, see you in the worlds!

/mrshoe and mrvoid




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