A cursed day in hell!

And who better to bring a curse than a Firedemon?



Today is the day you can curse yourself and everybody around you :-)

Do this by drinking a potion of curse.


Which will make you look like this:


The curse lasts for 1 minute, and then you die.  But there is hope! Touch another player  and the curse is passed on to him….and make sure to get away! Let the cursing begin ;-)

This new potion of curse is the first potion which introduces a kind of “mini-game”. We would like to make more of these to make it possible to initiate different games, for example a Zombie potion, which makes you move slower, and the curse just spreads when you touch another player.

But we will have to see how this one is received first.

Smiley Magic Classes

Another new update from today is Magic Classes for smileys. From now on, you will have to be of a certain Magic Class in order to buy and use some smileys. Emotion smileys, like smile or sad, are available to all. But some, for example the new Fire Deamon, require you to be Magic Class 10.

All old smileys are no more than Magic Class 6.

This does not mean that anyone will lose their smileys. But perhaps they will have to collect some Magic before they can use them :-)

[Clarification edit:]

There’s been some confusion on how minimum magic classes are applied to existing smileys. So to clear things up a bit:
  • You do not loose any smileys you have purchased. You can however loose your ability to use them, but once you reach the required level they can be used again. You do not have to buy them again.
  • If you experience any smilies missing in your inventory then this is a bug and not related to minimum magic classes, so if you see this please report this as a bug to julian@everybodyedits.com
  • In the smiley selector, the smileys are now sorted in order of minimum magic class. This means that they have all been rearranged.
  • Any rare items such as the wizard smilies, the fanboy smiley and beta smilies do not have a minimum magic class, they are always free to use.
  • Any future releases of rare items, give-aways or prizes will not require minimum magic classes.
  • All existing smileys are at a relatively low minimum magic class (no higher than 6 and most are lower).
  • We have no intentions of setting a Magic Class on blocks (otherwise we would have done it at the same time as smilies)
  • And finally: We have lowered the degradation speed of magic significantly, so class dropping will be much slower (and not at all if you play some worlds every now and then)

Other updates.

  • No longer possible to place infinite fire hazards
  • Added an ad for all non-Builders Club members on Everybodyedits.com
  • Updated the Loadscreen image. Thanks for all the good advice and general jumping around to everyone who joined in :-)


See you in the worlds!


Hell, but fun!

This week we start out the new theme: Hell


We do this with a fire hazard that work more or less like the spikes.  And some lava. Can’t have hell without lava.

Also, a new potion, which gives you a flaming aura when playing (not in god-mode). It just makes you look great ;-)


See you in the worlds!


Also in this updates:

  • Possible to buy blocks as Builders Club member


  • Corrected minimap colors for Lava Backgrounds
  • Fixed incorrect world listings for Builder Club members.
  • Added the commands: /kill #name# and /killemall. Kills one or more non-god, non-mod players :-)

Winter Void

Introducing, MR VOID!



Mr Void is a new admin in Everybody Edits. Mr Void will be helping out on making updates and fixing bugs…so basically an extra Mr Shoe :-)

If you see him, make sure to welcome him.

And also, since it is getting cold (at least on the northern hemisphere), a winter smiley with a nice warm hat:


We are looking forward to getting the new themes rolling, and for next week, we have something that just do not freeze ;-)




Christmas Sale!


We have a Christmas Sale!

So hurry up and check out the great deals in the shop. Even the Builders Club is on sale!


Hazardous, yet merry worlds!

This week we have launched 4 items in the shop!


First of, we finish the Jungle Theme with death and respawning! and who better to avoid dying in jungle ruins than an archaeologist? ;-)




The first new brick is a checkpoint. When you touch a checkpoint it will turn green, and that is you new respawn location (if you haven’t touched a checkpoint, the default world spawnpoint is your respawn location). It works pretty much like you would expect.


The first hazard we have introduced is the spikes. If you touch the spikes you will blow up :-) And then respawn at the latest checkpoint. Again, pretty much like you would expect.

Spikes are the first hazard, but lava have been suggested countless times, and that will probably be added soon.


We have added a couple of commands:

“/respawn”  – Respawns you at the latest checkpoint.

“/respawnall”  – The same, but for all players (for world owners only).


The game mechanic (checkpoints and respawning) can already be made just using portals. But the new bricks makes it easier to make (and understand for players), and also prettier. And of course, the death animation really makes it funnier to see other people die ;-)


Christmas 2012

But there is more. We also launched the christmas pack for 2012, containing large gift wrapping paper and ribbons.

Very neat :-)

Have a merry christmas!







Builders Club

We are happy to present Builders Club!


Builders Club

As a member of the Builders Club, you get unlimited access to all blocks! (Except the Diamond Block). It has a monthly subscription fee, and you can buy or extend your membership by purchasing Club Membership subscriptions in the shop.

When you sign up, you will get a unique membership number. The lower the number, the longer you have been in the club. Even if your membership expires, you will keep the number, so if you join again, you will have the same membership number. Your badge will also have a red banner on it, to show you are a club member.  You can always see you membership status on the large profile. Click your name in the main profile on the front page to take your there.

Besides access to (almost) all blocks, you will also receive new worlds. Which worlds are based on your subscription. Read more here: everybodyedits.com/club.

As long as you are a member of the club, you can place as many blocks as you like inside worlds, including portals,switches, coingates , doors etc. If your membership expires, you get to keep the worlds and the blocks placed inside them. But from then on, you can only place the the blocks you had bought before.

All new block packages that will be made is also included in the Club Membership.

Also, Club Members get access to Builder Club Doors and Gates:


Club Builder Blocks

These are only activated by Builders Club Members!



Beta users still exists, but it is no longer possible to become a beta-member. Builders Club members will also have access to test out new features, just like the beta members.

In order to let the existing beta-user test the Builders Club out, they each receive 1 month free subscription to the Builders Club. When the membership expires, they will of course still be beta-members.

All in all

We made this new feature in order to focus more on building good worlds. As it is now, new users have almost no chance of getting all the blocks, but this is a way to use all packs.

This also means that Builder Club members will be able to build exactly the worlds they want, without being restricted by the amount of blocks they own. This will lead to more inventive design and better looking worlds.

Welcome to the Builders Club and see you in the worlds!



  • Builders Club Aura can now be colored using potions.
  • Diamond is available in the shop again.
  • We added two new commands: /giveedit “username” and /removeedit “username”. With this you can give edit rights to a single user.
  • Players in the ingame sidechat now has level and Builder Club marked.


Some beta-users do not want their free Builders Club trial. If you want out, just send me an email. Beta members member-numbers are now prefixed with “TRY”. If the membership is extended, a real member number is given.

Deep Jungle

This week we venture further into the jungle!

Nice jungle-backgrounds and decorations to set the mood. Oh, and also vines, which can be climbed (like ladders).

Deep jungle ruin

Exploring some deep jungle ruins


Also in this update:

  • We added titles to the Magic Classes. So If you are Magic Class 1, your title is Amatuer. If you are Magic Class 12, you are a Grandmaster :-)
  • Open worlds are added again (look for “open” on the world sorting menu).
  • “Login with Facebook” have been removed. This is due to new facebook terms (http://developers.facebook.com/policy/)
    Games on Facebook.com and mobile must not share the same app ID with desktop web games off of Facebook.com. You must not use Canvas apps to promote or link to game sites off of Facebook, and must not use emails obtained from us to promote or link to desktop web games off of Facebook.com (effective December 5, 2012).
    Users who used to play on everybodyedits.com with their facebook account now have to play it on facebook.
  • Minor fix: Open worlds now recieve woots correctly.
  • Minor fix: Magic bar in profiles now fill up properly.
  • Minor fix: Chat textfield no longer overlaps with player names.
  • Minor fix: No longer possible to add woots both from bottombar and world complete screen.

See you in the worlds!



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