Competition: Battle of the Bots

We love competitions, and since one is already going on, we’ve agreed to sponsor it.

Read more here:

We (Cape) will pay the reward of 105 gems, heck we’ll even up it to 250 gems. And in addition we will reward 3 months of Builders Club for first second and third place.

And obviously we will put all entries in the featured tab.

Back from the dead

A year ago, we went on summer vacation.

Then everything went crazy for our little game company, Cape, and Mr Shoe and Mr Void have been booked solid on other projects since then.
We never abandoned the game, and we certainly never planned to leave EE without updates for an entire year, but sometimes stuff happens, and that’s unfortunately how things turned out.

We’re sorry about that. We know you love EE, and want development to continue on it.

Fortunately, both Mr Shoe and Mr Void are close to being finished on their long projects, and we will start working on EE again for a little while, starting with fixing the worst bugs.

We will also discuss how we will continue with EE development in the future, and let you all know what we’re going to do, as soon as we know.





Crash issue should be fixed

The crash issue should have been fixed a while back.

Working on the crash issue

We’re aware of the guest-bot problem, and we’re working on solving it as soon as we can.

We’re also returning from the dead soon, so check back here once in a while.

MrShoe is on holiday

So I have decided to make a few changes of my own ;-)

First of, I want to introduce you to this lovely summer girl:


And then some big news: I have removed the Magic decay! 

So from now on, all the magic you collect, you get to keep. No more leveling down when you are not playing!

Next up, Builders Club Sale!


1 month Builders Club is now only 5$.

Dark Magic

To those of you that still have not met a Dark Wizard, here is what he looks like. You can find him by collecting coins and by getting lucky :-)

But he is extremely rare though.

darkwizardEnjoy the summer!


I for one welcome our new smiley overlords

As promised we’re announcing the winner(s) of the smiley competition today.

We had a lot of great entries, and when it came down to a decision we couldn’t decide which one was better, so we picked three winners!

So without further ado: Presenting  “Kung Fu Master”, “Fox” and “Night vision”.



Kung Fu Master was designed by: Tiken.

Fox was designed by: Cola1.

Night Vision was designed by: TOOP.

Awesome work guys! We are very happy to have them in the game.

“Night vision”, “Kung Fu Master” and “Fox” can be purchased in the energy shop for 1000 energy at Magic Class 7 now.

All three winners will recieve 1 month of Builders Club and the fanboy smiley (and all three smilies of course). Congratulations :)

Dark magic

In other news; A magical dark being has been spotted lurking in the world. To possess this magical wizardous being you need all magic smileys and even more magic! Good hunting!


Featured worlds

Two new worlds have been added to the featured tab today.

“Galaxy Circuit” by AngelBoy and Star, another raceway style world, try it out here:

“Lightspeed Rush” by KingOfTheOzone, fun with boosts, try it out here:

See you in the worlds
MrShoe & MrVoid

End of smiley contest

Deadline for submissions to the smiley contest is now officially over.

We are overwhelmed by the number of submissions, and look forward to reviewing them all.

The verdict will be posted next week, so stay tuned :)

Featured worlds

We added a new amazing world to the featured tab:

Temple Run, by Spiderman

Sale on Summer packs

Since the weather is actually summer-ish for once (at least here), we thought we’d have a sale on both the summer packs (2011 & 2012). We’re cutting the price in half.

See you in the worlds
MrShoe & MrVoid


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