Where did the ultimate fan smiley go?

As some of you have noticed, the ultimate fan smiley is no longer in the shop. The simple reason for this is that we are currently in the middle of moving the entire company into new offices. Thus we are not 100% sure yet where new postcards should be send to!

This also explains the lag of updates that ended today!


Yep, it’s true, Everybody Edits have finally been updated! I just pushed portals and diamonds into the energy shop for beta members!

This is just the first of many small updates to come over the next few weeks. Thus stay tuned for updates!

And congratulations to the easter competition winners which can now use their awards!

Everybody Edits 1.0 Update II

The people have spoken! Specifically you have said that you don’t want a separated beta and open client and contrary to popular belief I do actually listen!

Thus the development towards 1.0 is going to go ahead as we have done development since christmas, where updates can be seen by everyone but will be limited to beta members for a period.

Todays Ultimate Fans

I finally got around to reading trough the remaining backlog of letters and cards. Thus congratulations to everyone below who now have the Ultimate smiley!

twss21, helloguys, halo, exodia1234, squaredance101, zeon911911, acornman, purplunicorn, zeppelin17, asta, jakobdko, pat, bobyjo, spartin117, bstt, lelgo56, countrymusic52, jzzz, lcking, danddanx, butterdude101, matt1010401, nickolas, someguy34, gageb21, xland44, xland44andgage21, pikachurox, hiddensoul, red2276, buntzen, gavin, laecinth, bladedassain, xen90, daveman, pwnageman10, mikey33221, supadorf24, benny77, mjlover202, djklay, builder101, gamerty, to0ty, juzzie, roboto, thijmendam, niekie, jossel, aniek12345, wesseljojo, kevjef, raiboj, lordchaos, bobwuzhere2, greganto, jallahaps23, ben54325, remo763, sing, xivy, buz5, bstt, technit, chuggaaconory, djthekina, joakim1239, pimmoblast, dinoboy, peasqueak


Congrats to cooly, vladagala, yeniuma, sonic, peasqueak, supermen2 whom all had cards there where really hard to read! I finally got your names by having a small competition at the office to figure out who they where from:)

Todays Lucky Ultimate Fans

So part of being back is opening fan mails, and wow you guys have send a lot. I just used over an hour opening and reading letters, postcards, packages etc!

There is still a lot of mail to open yet, but don’t worry I will get to it soon!

Todays lucky Ultimate Fans are:

jojo, kidcarwash, chr11, bonezkiller, jacob2000, tegers, coolguydevon, darenduke, bahamjacob, gogeta, peasqueak, stubby, poesjelief, crazyturtle2000, minimania, bob2o00, cinderblock2, fulinen, askx0047, terd, mahe0106, yeniuma, h3arts, amayday, zxiz, zmileyz, sythe5665, jturnism, dragon123, pugprincess, people, peacelemon52, oscar123, stef, bobzambo, tuomaskoulu, fmx2, curiousgeorge, kalle, abg, benjaming, cheesepants001, yourself, crazymonster, superxsuper, jarnemaenhoudt, trocket2, tatums117, bowser5678, restyler, gizzgizz, coolxcool, xenox, kujo, thelonelyisland711, exodia12345, jacob2000, bowser7890, buzzerbee, vovalego, master365, mbi, dikkelul, nojus, stich909, ringx, gurre, danielbing