Created by SmittyW

[Update] New campaign, items from beta, items to classic

Quick update:

We’ve released a new campaign with the Hard difficulty: Looks Can Deceive. The title already suggests the theme😉 As usual, it will be in beta for a week. We have now run out of staff-made campaigns and we will start using the community-suggested campaigns from this section: As mentioned with the previous update, we’ll start releasing campaigns more frequently.

We’ve also removed Double Jump, Ice, and the Clown smiley from beta, which means they are now available for purchase for everyone!

Furthermore, we have fixed a lot of shop descriptions to make them more consistent and to remove typos.

Lastly, we have moved the following items to Classic:

• Earmuffs smiley
• Hooded smiley
• Winter Hat smiley
• Sunburned smiley
• Summergirl smiley
• Elf smiley
• New Year 2015 decorations