Spam Abuse Report

Not too long ago, we made a post about the overwhelming amount of spam reports that were being sent in.  It appears that hardly anyone read it, as we are still receiving a ridiculous amount of spam reports.  So many are being sent in, that the real abuse reports are being washed out.  It was stated that we would start banning anyone that sending spam reports, and we have.  We do not want to ban anyone, so here are some tips when reporting:


  • People who are drawing, creating, or sending messages that contain explicit content.
  • People who are drawing, creating, or sending messages that contain racial slurs.
  • People who are spamming or flooding the chat.
  • People who are using references, slurs, slogans, or anything alike to drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.
  • People who are swearing directly at someone, evading censors.
  • People who are sharing personal information of others (e.g. email addresses, phone numbers)


  • People who are trolling a world.  Unless they are creating inappropriate content, we will do nothing about it.  IT IS NOT AGAINST THE RULES.
  • People who are key-spamming.  This is also not against the rules, and nothing will be done about it.
  • People you are trying to talk to.  The report system is not a way to message your friends, so stop.
  • People who do not give you edit.
  • People who are hacking.  The report tool does not collect enough information on people who are hacking for us to be able to handle it.  Just because you shouldn’t report them, does not mean they are not banned on a regular basis.
  • People who are not doing anything wrong.  Seriously, it’s not funny.

Please read and re-read this.  You will be banned if you send in false reports.  It makes our jobs much harder.

Thank you.

[Update] 5th of November – End of Halloween, small things, bug fixes

End of Halloween


The ghouls and goblins have retreated back to their own realms, leaving Everybody Edits in peace. The lobby and the website have been cleaned up, back to their original styles.

• Removed the Halloween campaign: it will return next year.
• Moved the Ghoul smiley to Classic items.
• Moved the Mummy smiley to Classic items.
• Moved the Bat smiley to Classic items.
• Moved the Halloween 2015 pack to Classic items.



• Earning a smiley as a campaign reward now automatically equips it.
• The Purple Ghost smiley can no longer be attained through magic. It will return as a campaign reward in a new campaign later.
• The Red Ninja smiley can no longer be attained through the ninja/key Easter egg. It will return as a campaign reward in a new campaign later.
• New magic smiley: Light Wizard! This Wizard will show the way through these dark, cold, wintery times.
This change in magic smileys was made for consistency: the Purple Ghost smiley was not in line with the rest of the wizards. Of course, if you already own these smileys, you get to keep them.

• New shortcut: press I to toggle the inspect tool.
• Re-added the zoom options to the right click context menu.
• Disconnecting from a world now displays a pop-up stating this information.
• Users attempting to purchase crew items while lacking the required minimum amount of energy now receive an error stating this information.
• Guests and chatbanned users can no longer read chat.
• Lava blocks now cause a Fire Effect: this allows you to see the remaining burn duration before dying.
• Browser tabs now display the world name when in a world.
• You can now remove worlds from your favourites in the lobby by clicking the icon:



Bug fixes


• Fixed a bug where BC members who hadn’t purchased team blocks were unable to use the /setteam command.
• Fixed a bug where crew member descriptions couldn’t be deleted.
• Fixed a bug where you could fall through one-ways when exiting a portal.
• Fixed some website links at the bottom of the page.
• Fixed a bug where the game would crash if a campaign reward image was not found.
• Fixed a bug where effects were ignored when being hit through a boost.
• Fixed a bug where black spots were sometimes left on the minimap when deleting blocks.
Considering its rare occurrence, this fix has not been confirmed.
• Fixed a bug where some users didn’t receive their badges after beating a campaign.
This has been corrected automatically in the meantime. If this occurs again, rejoin the world to receive the badge.
• Fixed a bunch of exploits/places you could get stuck in the following maps:
– Slip Slide Ride
– Water Levels
– NC Naos Antediluvian
– I Crew Persian Peril
– Spidey’s Abode

In January 2016, the following items will be moved to Classic:
• Elf smiley
• Sunburned smiley
• Summer Girl smiley
• Winter 2013 smiley

Discuss this update on the forum here:

Announcement – Streaming world building start to finish

Hi guys,

Assuming everything goes right, I’ll be streaming building a level from start to finish, together with Lictor666, Kiraninja, and Stagecrew.
The viewers get to decide a theme, we create it and open it to the public later. It’ll most likely be a very easy level because harder ones take a lot more time to test. I’ll be giving live commentary as well.

Last time I built a level from start to finish it took about 6 hours, but we’ll see how much time I need or when I fall asleep.
It’s an experiment for now but if it’s well received I may do it more frequently.


Friday 23rd of October 2015
7PM GMT+1 to … whenever we finish.

If you have any suggestions before starting, also let me know.

[Update] 15th of October – Halloween 2015

Get ready to be spooked: It's Halloween in Everybody Edits!

Halloween 2015

Halloween is here again, which means awesome limited-time content to celebrate this scary 2015 holiday. smile

Brand new smileys include the creepy ghoul, mummy, and blood-thirsty bat! Surrounding them is the haunted house-themed Halloween 2015 package, which includes ramshackle exterior materials (in both foreground and background), decorative iron fencing , dead shrub, lanterns as well as windows that glow on and off!

With all the new content in the shop comes a new free item: the scared smiley! All users can wear this to express their terror.

At last, some exclusive content in the form of a campaign! Not only do you earn an ominous badge for completing this challenge, you can also win the chilling eyeball smiley!

Note: These items will be available with energy until the 5th of November. After that, they will be moved to Classic items, meaning they can only be bought with gems afterwards. Get them while you can! In addition, the campaign is also available for a limited time, but will return each year for players who have missed it. The eyeball smiley will remain campaign-exclusive.


• Added tooltips to the settings page in the interactive tutorial.
• Half-blocks now rotate the same direction as one-ways.
• Commands are no longer case sensitive.
• Reverted text smoothing.
• Changed the text next to the search bar from "Play" to "Search".
• Guests and chat-banned users can now read chat.
• You can now lock your block bar to open/close automatically.

Bug fixes

While we initially stated we would have the Domestic Pack in beta for a week, the half blocks have been causing major issues. We want to prevent players from building worlds which then no longer work due to fixes to these blocks. Therefore, they have been in beta for longer than expected and will remain in beta for a little longer.

• Fixed some physics bugs with half blocks. Not yet final.
• Fixed a bug where all players were always rendered, causing lag issues. More optimizations are coming with the next update.
• Fixed an issue where daily rewards would overwrite campaign rewards.
• Fixed a bug causing dismissed alerts to return.
• Fixed a bug where players would bounce when gaining levitation/low gravity effect.
• Fixed a bug with standalone profile aligning.
• Fixed a bug causing users to be unable to leave the campaign menu.
• Fixed a bug causing badge images to not load.
• Fixed a bug where crews couldn't be found when viewing from an alert.
• Fixed gem button centering for Kongregate users.

[Update] 27th of September – Half blocks, low gravity effect, more!

Hi guys,

This update offers an array of new items and bug fixes, with a completely new type of blocks!
Check it out!


Mail system


Send messages to your friends! If you need to reach a friend but he’s not online, send them an ingame mail. Note: you can only send mail to your friends, so make a few more!







Low gravity effect
While low gravity worlds already existed, their use was limited: it was enabled permanently and the world size was limited. So we now introduce the low gravity effect! Just like other effects, this can be enabled/disabled by touching the activation/deactivation block. Jump and move as if you were on the moon!
Low gravity worlds have been removed from the shop, but existing ones will stay.



Stone pack
A new pack with 4 decorative stone blocks, with backgrounds for building great masonry. If you already had the original stone pack, you do not have to buy it again, but you get it for free!

4 blocks:

8 backgrounds


• Domestic pack
Note! This will be available to beta members only for one week.
Introducing the domestic pack; an assortment of homely textures, perfect for interior design! Includes tile, carpet, wallpaper, half blocks and more!

Half blocks are a completely new type of block. They take up only half the space of a full block, and they can be rotated into 4 different directions.







• You can now leave your crew.
• Crews can now be disbanded.
• Clicking the crew logo to edit now opens in the same tab. Shift + click opens in a new tab. This was an issue for Kongregate players who were redirected to the main site instead of the Kongegate website.
• Alerts improvements:
– Added a time stamp to alerts.
– Clicking the title now opens the crew profile.
– Text is now selectable.





• Campaigns are now out of beta and available to everyone!
• Your progress will now be saved temporarily. If you disconnect or accidentally leave the room, you have 15 minutes to rejoin the world to continue playing to beat the map. Note: the reconnect feature is beta only until further notice.



• A set of new campaigns will be added on Friday the 2nd of October.
• Campaign worlds are now sorted like normal worlds in the lobby.
• Made several fixes and small nerfs to campaign worlds:
– Added a world portal from Tutorial #2 to Tutorial #3
– Upped Puzzle Pack 1 difficulty indication to medium-hard.
– Switch Labyrinth: moved to first tier, removed blue path.
– The Memory Game: moved to tier two.
– Perilous Endeavour: nerfed a holdspace minigame in the middle purple section, nerfed last minigame.
– Water Levels: nerfed a pixel hookjump in the running stream section in the middle.
– Persian Peril: fixed two exploits in mini #8.
– Increased gem reward from 3 to 15 for Fractured Fingers campaign. Everyone who already beat it have already been given the additional 12 gems.

User Interface


• Added some animations to the lobby:
– Background slideshow
– Displaying friends

• Profiles now display some additional information:
– Beta status.
– Builders Club status.
– Maximum energy.



• Your friendlist now displays how long ago friends were last online.





• Removed /getblockplacer and /gbp command.
• Added /inspect: this command replaces /gbp and shows a pop-up of who has placed the blocks, including backgrounds and block deletion, even if the player who placed the blocks has left the world.



• Added /cleareffects: use this command to remove all effects from a player.
– For example: /cleareffects jawapa

• Added /setteam: use this command to assign a team colour to someone.
– For example:
/setteam thanel cyan
/setteam thanel 2

• Added shortcut: /gedit (for /giveedit)
• Added shortcut: /ge (for /giveedit)
• Added shortcut: /redit (for /removeedit)
• Added shortcut: /re (for /removeedit)
• Added shortcut: /ce (for /cleareffects)



• Renamed “Crew” item to “Create crew”.
• Changed the way of obtaining the Red Ninja smiley.
• You can now mute players through the Player Action Menu.



• You can now scroll through lists ingame when the game is selected. Click anywhere else on the website to scroll through there.
• Chat: press up to view and repeat last sent chat message or command.
• Improved world saving format. Saving filled up 300×300 worlds should no longer be an issue.
• Restored displaying “My worlds” rather than only displaying them when sorting on “Mine”.
• Added shortcuts with important links when right clicking the game.



• Added an interactive guide for new users to help navigate through the menus.



Bug fixes


• Fixed magic coins…again. Anticheat was interferring with magic.
• Beating a world that you have already liked or added to favourites no longer suggests unliking / removing from favourites.
• Fixed a typo: Password incorect -> incorrect.
• Removed the ability to use God Mode in open worlds.
• Placing a coin gate over a coin door no longer keeps the old coin value.
• Pressing the World tab multiple times no longer dupliclates the number of worlds.
• Fixed an issue where world descriptions wouldn’t load in minimap previews.
• Fixed an issue where profiles of non-existent users loaded infinitely.
• Fixed a weird bug concerning checkpoints, dying, and players being teleported as a result.
• Fixed an alignment bug with standalone profiles caused by ultra wide worlds.

• Guests can no longer unlike/unfavourite.
• Guests can no longer send friend requests.

• Fixed a bug where /clear wouldn’t remove admin text.
• Fixed a bug where crew members would be removed twice.
• Fixed a bug occurring when placing blocks on oneself and using /loadlevel or /clear.
• Fixed a bug with world duplication on crew profiles.
• Fixed a bug where the colour of “nothing” could be changed when customizing the crew profile.
• Fixed a bug where scroll bars disappeared when entering full screen.
• Fixed a bug which caused the parenthesis to show a little square.
• Fixed a bug where you were sent to the lobby instead of campaign menu after beating a campaign world.
• Fixed a bug where names were displayed as CREWNAME and USERNAME when logging in as guest.
• Fixed a bug causing Crews to be stuck on the loading animation.
• Fixed a bug where greyed out chat would partially be not greyed out.

The Report System

Over the past month or so, the number of spam reports coming in has drastically increased. Therefore, we felt it was necessary to give you a list of things to keep in mind, when sending reports.

1. You will be banned for sending frivolous or rule-breaking abuse reports. So don’t send them.

2. Do not use the report tool against trolling. Trolling is not against the rules and your report will be considered spam.

3. Hacking shouldn’t be reported with the report function, as it cannot collect sufficient evidence against “hackers.”
– Just because the report tool cannot spy on hackers, does not mean they are not banned regularly. Seriously, just play the game as is.

4. Reports on people for not giving you edit will be marked as spam.

5. The report command is not a way to PM people. There is a /PM command for that.

With that said, we know some of you will try to be “funny” and send in a bunch of false/spam reports. We ask that you refrain from doing so, as it makes our job much harder. For those of you who cannot control yourselves, you will be banned. We appreciate your co-operation.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask the staff either on forums, or by email: